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How to legally send invoices in PDF format

invoices in PDF format

Due to the accelerated digital transformation caused by the 2020 health crisis, many companies are not able to send paper invoices to their clients. Most of the companies that still use paper invoices do so because a portion of their customer base lacks the technical resources to receive commercial documents automatically through EDI.

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Get to know Business@Mail

Companies face the challenge of delivering invoices to all their customers digitally, securely, and legally. This can be especially complex when it comes to end customers whose only means of communication is email. To solve this problem, Business@Mail was created, a communication platform that allows for the automatic, secure, and legally valid publication and sending of electronic invoices in PDF format.

Business@Mail integrates with your EDI solution and ERP, automating the sending of 100% of your invoices to all your clients.

Business@Mail offers several options depending on the needs of your business and the characteristics of your clients, allowing for EDI communication of your commercial transactions with 100% of your counterparts.

Integrated with your company's ERP through our EDI solution, invoices are translated into a structured format and published in Business@Mail as a visual PDF representation for customer consultation without data integration solutions.

Every time a new invoice is made available to customers on the Business@Mail portal, they are notified with an email that allows for direct access for consultation, download, and printing.

Business@Mail manages the publication and storage of electronically signed invoices, providing a solution that complies with the current legislation in each case.

In addition, the EDICOM Delegated Signature service simplifies the electronic signature process of invoices. Through this service, customers authorize EDICOM to sign the documents on their behalf, thus avoiding the management and maintenance of electronic certificates or signature devices.

Here's how automated sending of invoices in PDF works

  1. The sender generates 100% of their invoices according to their usual processes, transferring the data to EDICOM.
  2. The EDI software from EDICOM performs data transformation and recognizes the recipients of each invoice. 
  3. Invoices addressed to customers without an electronic data interchange solution are published in Business@Mail. 
  4. The client is notified by email with a link to the published invoice for consultation, download or printing.

Total control of the status of their invoices

Issuers can always know the status of their electronic invoices. Thanks to a sophisticated acknowledgment system, they can control the traceability of the entire process:

  • Acknowledgments of the publication of the invoice on the platform. 
  • Acknowledgments of consultation, download, or printing of documents. 
  • Acknowledgment of the number of published documents that have not been consulted. 
  • Notifications sent without receiving a response. 

All acknowledgments can also be integrated into the client's billing system, optimizing the process of controlling each payment document through the issuer's ERP.

A win-to-win solution for companies and customers

Business@Mail is a win-to-win solution that offers multiple advantages for companies that need to eliminate the paper delivery of their invoices, as well as for customers who do not have EDI solutions for receiving commercial documents. With Business@Mail, not only invoices in PDF format can be sent, but any other commercial document is needed.

Join the thousands of customers who use Business@Mail, the paperless solution that facilitates the digitalization of companies, optimizing their resources and improving communication with their customers.

By using Business@Mail, both parties benefit by making the invoicing and receipt process much more efficient.

Advantages for companies

  1. Sending EDI documents to 100% of their counterparts. 
  2. Reducing management and paper invoice delivery costs.
  3. Automating the entire invoicing process. 
  4. Reducing issuance, delivery, and collection times. 
  5. Total traceability of message status. 

Advantages for customers

  1. Email notifications of receipt of invoices. 
  2. Viewing, consulting, and printing commercial documents in pdf. 
  3. Electronic legal storage of documents during the legally established period. 
  4. Free access. 
  5. Simple and intuitive handling. 
  6. The environment is enabled to receive documents from multiple publishers. 

Automatic sending of invoices in PDF to their customers' email 

The tool also allows directly sending invoices in PDF format to the customers' email.

This option does not allow the traceability of the status of an invoice from when it is sent until it is finally consulted by the customer.

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