Electronic Data Interchange – EDI

Business@Mail Releases New Advanced Functions and a New Look and Feel


EDICOM updates its Business@Mail communication platform, used to automate electronic document delivery in a secure web based environment.

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    Solution to integrate 100% of your trading partners

    Business@Mail enables you to integrate your systems with trading partners that don’t have an Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) solution. Thanks to Business@Mail companies can instantaneously send invoices, purchase orders and any other commercial document from your ERP, CRM or management system. Recipients can access, search, download, and print commercial documents for free from their secure portal available 24x7x365.

    Business@mail upgraded

    Business@Mail’s new versión includes a more user-friendly portal with new functions that facilitate the management of documents by issuers and recipients.

    Intuitive Interface 

    Our new user interface design is more user-friendly and pleasing based on Angularjs. The new interface offers a more comfortable user experience making it much easier to use.

    Response Time Optimization

    Using technologies like Spring and Hazelcast enables more efficient data base management and reduces response times for Business@mail, making the delivery of large numbers of documents even faster.

    Multi User Management

    A single company can configure various users to manage the documents that should be published in the platform, allowing the platform to be adapted to the organizational characteristics of each company.

    OTP Authentication 

    through the incorporation of the One-Time Password option offered by Business@Mail companies can now decide how they would like their users to be authenticated.

    More Interface Languages

    Business@Mail is available in 7 languages: Spanish, English, French, Italian, German, Dutch and Portuguese.

    Control all your B2B and B2C transactions

    Business@Mail enables you to monitor the status of all your sent documents through status messages, keeping you updated about the status of each of your documents.

    •       Document searched
    •       Document recieved
    •       Document opened
    •       Document printed or downloaded

    All these status messages can be administered from the publisher interface in Business@Mail and can also be integrated to your management system giving you complete control from your ERP or CRM.

    100% Compliant

    Business@Mail integrates with all the EDICOM platform services and which were made to make your business 100% compliant. thanks to the platform’s electronic signature and public administration connectivity capabilities in multiple countries you can comply with any trading partner’s requirements. We have made a service that is capable of issuing electronic invoices adapted to requirements in every country where you operate.

    How Does it Work?

    EDICOM’s platform integrates with your ERP system to capture data that will be used to create electronic documents that will then be generated and routed to the specific trading partner. The platform identifies recipients who do not have an EDI solution and will publish a document through the Business@Mail portal. The recipient is simultaneously notified through an e-mail that includes access to the portal enabling the recipient to search, download or print the electronic document. The whole process is carried out automatically and transparently for the issuing company.

    A Win Win Solution

    Advantages for the Issuing Company

      • 100% integration of your internal and external partners.
      • Process Optimization when the generation and delivery of documents is automated.
      • Cost reduction from process management and document archiving and generation.
      • More Security in communications with external partners.
      • Tracibility through message statuses.
      • Error reduction.
      • Better Client Service.

      Advantages for Recipients

        • Free Access
        • Electronic storage of all commercial documents.
        • Search, download and print documents. 
        • Notifications through e-mail about the publication of new documents.
        • Interoperability. The user recipient can access the documents sent by multiple companies using Business@mail through the same panel.
        • Secure archiving guaranteeing document integrity, access, and recovery during its lifecycle.

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