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SAT extends the use of Payroll CFDI 4.0

27/06/2023 (updated)
The CFDI payroll 3.3 may continue to be used until June 30, 2023. The SAT delays its entry to facilitate compliance.

Philippines: A Step Towards the Mandatory Electronic Invoice

27/06/2023 (updated)
electronic invoice Philippines
The Filipino government intends to extend B2B electronic invoicing to all major taxpayers beginning in 2024

Germany: Introduction of B2B Electronic Invoicing planned for 2025

27/06/2023 (updated)
Germany: B2B electronic invoice
B2B electronic invoicing in Germany could become mandatory starting in January 2025

B2B electronic invoicing in Spain is getting closer every day

22/06/2023 (updated)
b2b Electronic Invoicing spain
The "Crea y Crece" Law requires the use of B2B electronic invoicing in Spain.

Jordan launches its National Electronic Invoicing System

02/06/2023 (updated)
Jordan Electronic Invoice
The ISTD (Income and Sales Tax Department) has launched its national electronic invoicing solution

How To Invoice Electronically In The Dominican Republic

29/05/2023 (updated)
Electronic invoice dominican republic
Learn how electronic invoicing works in the Dominican Republic and start issuing and receiving e-CF.

NF-e - Mandatory electronic invoicing system in Brazil

23/05/2023 (updated)
Find out all about the mandatory electronic invoice in Brazil known as Nota Fiscal Eletrônica (NF-e).

United States Electronic Invoicing Project: Digital Business Networks Alliance (DBNAlliance)

18/05/2023 (updated)
 Electronic Invoicing USA
The DBNA will be responsible for defining policies, standards, and security mechanisms that make up the exchange framework

How to Electronically Invoice in Turkey

16/05/2023 (updated)
electronic invoicing turkey
The Turkish Revenue Administration (TRA) has announced new tax obligations