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New Requirements for the Declaration of the Transportation of Merchandise in Mexico

Electronic Invoicing
13/10/2021 (updated)
CFDI  mexico
The SAT has approved a consignment note that must accompany the CFDI for the transfer of merchandise

Poland Will Make B2B Electronic Invoicing Mandatory

Electronic Invoicing
06/10/2021 (updated)
Poland B2B Electronic Invoicing
Companies will have a year to prepare their management systems since they will have to issue electronic invoices as of 2023

What Countries Exchange Electronic Invoices through PEPPOL?

Electronic Invoicing
e-invoicing peppol
The PEPPOL system enables companies to send and receive orders, electronic invoices, regardless of what country they're in

EDICOM Renews Its HDS Certification to Securely Archive Health Data

Trust Services
EDICOM HDS Certification france
EDICOM is one of the authorized hosting providers for the French healthcare system

The Electronic Invoice in Tanzania

Electronic Invoice Tanzania
Tanzania advances its Electronic Fiscal Device Management system with the implementation of the Virtual Fiscal Device (VFD)

The Electronic Invoice in Paraguay

Electronic Invoicing
09/09/2021 (updated)
Electronic Invoice
Get to know how the Paraguayan electronic invoicing system (SIFEN) Works.

Ticket Bai Spain’s New Invoicing and Tax Compliance System

02/09/2021 (updated)
TicketBai Spain Tax Compliance
TicketBAI is the new invoice reporting model created by the three Basque provincial councils and the Basque Government

Electronic Invoices Must Contain a Digital Signature in Portugal

Trust Services,  Electronic Invoicing
01/09/2021 (updated)
e-signature electronic invoices portugal
All companies that choose to invoice electronically must use a system that proves the validity of the document before next

How does e-Invoicing in Bolivia work?

Electronic Invoicing
01/09/2021 (updated)
bolivia e-Invoicing
The Bolivian tax authority SIN has published the first group of companies that must comply with the invoicing system

How to Automate Supplier Invoices

Electronic Invoicing,  Electronic Data Interchange – EDI
Automate Supplier Invoices
Discover how to drastically reduce the time and management costs of vendor invoices

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