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What are Electronic Trust Services?

Trust Services
Electronic Trust Services
Learn what Trust Services are and why they are essential to ensure secure e-commerce

Mexico Changes Tax Obligations for Media, Agencies and Advertisers

Electronic Invoicing
law for transparency MExico
The new regulation for hiring publicity related services will be enforced in September

The Digital Transformation of Companies

Digital Transformation
Digital Transformation
What is digital transformation and why has it become the epicenter of business strategies

Colombia: The DIAN Postpones the Adoption of Resolutions 12, 13 and 15

Electronic Invoicing
DIAN COLOMBIA Resolutions  12,13,15
Companies will now have more time to adapt their systems to the new DIAN regulations

All About Electronic Payroll Processes in Colombia

10/08/2021 (updated)
Electronic Payroll colombia
Find out what the requirements are to comply with Colombia’s obligation to issue electronic payroll support documents.

What are SaaS Technologies?

Digital Transformation
SaaS Technologies Software as a Service
Discover what Software as a Service - SaaS technology is all about and all the advantages it offers.

Saudi Arabia Makes Electronic Invoicing Mandatory

Electronic Invoicing
03/08/2021 (updated)
Saudi Arabia Electronic Invoicing
In December 2021 Saudi Arabia will make the electronic invoice mandatory for all in country tax payers

Tax Declaration for Digital Service Providers in Mexico

Digital Service Providers in Mexico
Foreign companies that provide digital services to users in Mexico must pay Value added taxes (VAT) for those services

The State of Electronic Invoicing in Panama

Electronic Invoicing
06/07/2021 (updated)
Electronic Invoicing Panama
We analyze the main features of the Panamanian Electronic Invoice System (SFEP)

Argentina Supermarket Shelf Act: How to Start Exchanging Business Documents with Your Retail Clients

Electronic Invoicing
Argentina Supermarket Shelf Act
The purpose of this new act is to achieve a more diverse offer of products and brands

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