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Portugal: Electronic Tax Requirements in 2022

08/07/2022 (updated)
 tax requirements Portugal
New obligations to comply with electronic tax requirements in Portugal

Poland Will Make B2B Electronic Invoicing Mandatory

07/07/2022 (updated)
Poland B2B Electronic Invoicing
Massification started on a voluntary basis in January 2022 and on a mandatory basis from 2024.

EDICOM Opens New Headquarters in Morocco

EDICOM Strengthens its presence in Africa and the Middle East.

CFDI 4.0 – Mexico Updates e-Invoice Format

16/06/2022 (updated)
cfdi 4.0
The CFDI version 4.0 will impact all issuance and reception flows of the electronic invoice and associated documents

Romania: B2G and B2B e-invoicing with the RO e-Invoice platform

01/06/2022 (updated)
e-Invoicing Romania
Romania is preparing for a gradual implementation of B2B and B2G e-Invoicing through its national platform RO e-Factura

Status of B2B Electronic Invoicing in France

31/05/2022 (updated)
factura B2B francia
France is moving forward with its new electronic taxation system for private companies.

EDICOM Participates in GS1 Connect Event on Supply Chain Best Practices

26/05/2022 (updated)
GS1 Connect
EDICOM will be present at the GS1 Connect conference in San Diego between June 7th-9th as a global EDI technology provider

How e-Reporting Works in France

26/05/2022 (updated)
ereporting francia
The tax reform undertaken by France includes a new e-Reporting system to declare accounting and tax information...

Business Intelligence: 5 Ways To implement Business Intelligence In Your Company

Business Intelligence
What is Business Intelligence and what are the main benefits of implementing it in your organization?

Challenges In The Face Of Hyper Fragmented Markets

Hyper Fragmented Markets
Internationalization poses a set of challenges for companies, since they no longer must serve a single market