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Nigeria: Cross-border e-Invoicing via the Central Bank of Nigeria

Nigeria: Cross-border e-Invoicing via the Central Bank of Nigeria
As of February 01, 2022, all import and export operations will require the submission of an electronic invoice

Status of e-Invoicing in Central and Eastern Europe (CEE countries)

08/02/2023 (updated)
e-Invoicing in CEE countries
Which countries in Central and Eastern Europe are e-Invoicing and VAT registration declarations headed?

The State of Electronic Invoicing in Panama

06/02/2023 (updated)
Electronic Invoicing Panama
We analyze the main features of the Panamanian Electronic Invoice System (SFEP)

Key Facts about Egypt's Electronic Invoicing System

03/02/2023 (updated)
e-invoicing egypt
All companies operating in Egypt selling taxable goods or services will be affected

Denmark Modernizes Its Bookkeeping Act to Promote the Digitalization of Accounting

01/02/2023 (updated)
Denmark Bookkeeping Act
The Danish Business Authority postponed this requirement on December 13th. A new timetable will be announced

Slovakia Continues to Advance its e-Invoicing Project

23/01/2023 (updated)
Slovakia  e-Invoicing
Slovakia has completed its communications platform called IS EFA to send electronic invoices to public administrations

Portugal Makes it Mandatory to Declare the SAF-T Accounting File

17/01/2023 (updated)
SAF-T portugal
The declaration of SAF-T accounting files will be mandatory beginning in January 2025

Key Information About SAFT-PT Portugal Declarations

17/01/2023 (updated)
SAFT-PT Portugal Declarations
Portugal has been a pioneer of the SAF-T standard through a diverse implementation of different kinds of SAF-T files

Portugal: Electronic Tax Requirements

17/01/2023 (updated)
 tax requirements Portugal
New obligations to comply with electronic tax requirements in Portugal