Managed Services: We Manage Your B2B2G Solution for You

With EDICOM, you can delegate the complete management of your EDI B2B & B2G platform to our team of dedicated technical specialists.

Outsourcing with a Global Provider Like EDICOM

Outsourcing technological resources and activities that are not part of the company's core business seeks to reduce costs by outsourcing external services to dedicated professionals who assume specific responsibilities on behalf of the contracting company. 
Outsourcing the technological resources associated with your B2B & B2G communications platform to a global provider like EDICOM, and delegating the management procedures required for its maintenance, guarantees constant updating and optimum operation, maximizing the benefits derived from contracting any of the EDICOM suite solutions such as EDI, e-Invoicing or VAT Compliance.


Cloud Technology

Cloud Technology

Hardware, software, and maintenance activities are performed in a DPC (Data Processing Center) managed by EDICOM, which the user accesses using different connectivity services.

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Designated Technicians

Maintenance, administration, and configuration on an ongoing basis - your company has dedicated groups of administrators to provide continuous attention to your business partners and manage their maintenance on the platform.

EDICOM Service level agreement

Service Level Guarantee

For all outsourcing services of resources and management tasks, EDICOM offers a high level of service, signed by contract in the SLA (Service Level Agreement) document.

Advantages of EDICOM Technology Outsourcing

Primary Coverage of the Delegated Management Service of Your Platform

Through our Outsourcing Service, a specialized EDICOM technician acts as your dedicated operator, resolves all alarms, promptly notifying the client of incidents and measures taken to keep your solution updated and operational at all times.


  • System administration and monitoring

  • Control of data availability level

  • Incident resolution

  • e-Invoicing (certificate management, platform parameterization, business partner testing)

  • Connectivity management with VAN (Value Added Networks) 

  • Accurate information exchange with internal and external business partners

  • Global installation maintenance

  • Updating of the business partner list on your platform

  • Incorporation of e-Invoicing clients (certificate uploading, agenda configuration, communication and format tests, etc.)

  • Platform adaptation

  • Review of interfaces and specification of changes to be made to promote improvements. (This does not include the development of modifications and new interfaces).

  • Performing message exchange tests up to implementing new EDI message exchanges (new business partners, new messages).

  • Monitoring connection validity with your EDI partners

  • Analysis of documents with excessive delays in the transfer process

  • Analysis of possible incidents due to excessive delays in the document reception process

  • Confirmation of the correct destination receipt of all sent documents

  • Confirmation of the correct processing of all received documents to ensure their integration into the client's ERP

Global Technology Platform

EDICOM develops complex data integration projects with an international scope based on two fundamental concepts: a powerful technological infrastructure and knowledge management.

With this work philosophy, companies that rely on our electronic solutions can centralize the flow of their tax, commercial, or logistics transactions under the umbrella of a single global technology platform managed in SaaS mode, optimized in line with the company's development by EDICOM's management technicians.

  • Specialized consultants by industry and country attending to your queries

  • Outsourcing of processes associated with your B2B e-commerce platform

  • Support in 7 languages: English, Spanish, French, Italian, Portuguese, German, and Dutch

We Guarantee Service Quality

EDICOM guarantees by contract the fulfillment of high-quality standards in providing its services and the 24/7 availability of the technological solutions that our clients have in operation.

The scope of our service level is defined in our SLA (Service Level Agreement) and is based on the fulfillment of three main variables:

  • 24/7 access to the EDICOM platform

  • Maximum incident resolution time according to severity

  • Continuous updating of contracted product software versions

Who are our management services designed for?

Any customer who has contracted any of our advanced data integration solutions can benefit from our Outsourcing Service. Whether your company handles millions of message exchanges or processes a few hundred, EDICOM's Outsourcing Service is scaled according to the data volumes to be managed and the complexity of your B2B2G communications platform. Here are some management examples according to the solution type:

Monitoring for permanent connectivity with the invoice reception points of each administration.

Management of registration and deletion of business partners in your B2B or B2G communications.

Loading and maintenance of the electronic certificates required for the e-Signature application.

Analysis of version updates in the e-Invoicing scheme by the administrations.

Incident management due to errors in the invoice file.

Monitoring of communications with the Tax Administration of each country.

Analysis of version updates in the tax declaration scheme by the administrations.

Error management after data file validation.

Loading and maintenance of the electronic certificates necessary for the application of e-Signatures or time stamps required by the administration.

Confirmation of file delivery to the tax administration.

Design of the key indicators necessary to monitor your platform.

Management and treatment of "system alerts" (connector crashes, failed integration processes, interrupted workflows).

Configuration and monitoring of customized alerts (monitoring key processes, message transmission rate, volumes, etc.).

Permanent platform analysis and delivery of reporting with optimization measures.

Management and maintenance of the API's connector repository with own or third-party applications.

Development Services

Do you want to take your communications solution to the next level? In addition to managed services to manage your EDI platform, we offer you our portfolio of development solutions to accelerate the integration of your EDI solutions with 100% of your business partners.

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