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EDICOM keeps an eye on different electronic invoicing models at the international level. Select the country where you want to operate, and we will provide you with the technical and legal criteria you must take into account when sending electronic invoices.

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News about electronic invoicing in Europe

EDICOM always keeps an eye on international electronic invoicing.

e-Invoicing France

France is moving forward with its new electronic taxation system for private companies. It is currently finalizing the new B2B electronic invoicing and e-Reporting model.

e-Invoicing Spain

The "Crea y Crece" Law establishes e-Invoicing as the only system that may be used in commercial relations between companies and the self-employed. For companies whose annual turnover exceeds 8 million euros, the implementation deadline is 1 year once the technical regulations have been approved.

e-Invoicing Poland

Poland is making progress in its project to massively introduce electronic invoicing between private companies. The use of B2B electronic invoicing is expected to be mandatory beginning in 2023.

The state of electronic invoicing in Europe's public administrations

Electronic invoicing has been mandatory between public administrations and their suppliers since April 18, 2020. This creates a competitive market that promotes interoperability and business between various companies.

Directive 2014/55/EU regulates e-Invoicing in public procurement and aims to reduce trade barriers arising from different national legal requirements and technical standards for e-Invoicing. Each EU member state has developed its own implementation of the law, adapting the electronic invoicing model to its own legislative framework. 


EDICOM accredited as PEPPOL Access Point

In 2015, the OpenPEPPOL association certified EDICOM as a PEPPOL Access Point. In addition, EDICOM received the SMP certification for the implementation of its metadata publishing service.

EDICOM PEPPOL Access Point allows European administrations and public authorities to interact with their trading partners and providers through integrated solutions that automate the exchange of all types of electronic documents under the PEPPOL-XML standard.


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B2B electronic invoicing continues to grow in Europe

As European Union countries consolidate electronic invoicing models in their public procurement processes, this system is spreading to the rest of the business world. These advances push companies to seek technological solutions that adapt to their economic resources and to the modification of internal processes.

In terms of legislation, B2B e-Invoicing in Europe is based on Directive 2010/45/EU. This establishes 3 methods to guarantee the integrity and authenticity of electronic document exchange.


Electronic data interchange

Electronic data interchange

Electronic data interchange (EDI) guarantees commercial document tracing.

Electronic signatures

Electronic signatures

Apply advanced electronic signatures in the invoice through electronic certificates and secure signature methods.

Audit trails

Audit trails

Implement specific tracking and auditing processes for related documents (purchase orders, shipping notices, contracts, etc.).

Authenticity and integrity of all electronic invoices

The European eIDAS regulation (Regulation 910/2014) establishes a legal framework for electronic identification mechanisms. Thanks to EDICOM's certification as a qualified trust service provider, we provide electronic transactions with trust mechanisms that guarantee authenticity and integrity:

Qualified electronic signature

Long-term electronic archive

Electronic time stamp

Manage your electronic invoicing globally

It is possible to manage electronic invoicing projects with several partners in different countries. EDICOM's electronic invoicing platform adapts to national legislations, applying all local requirements (electronic signature, formatting, storage...). 


Integration module

Integration module

This solution is a mapping system for automatic translation into the format expected by the recipient, all in a transparent manner and without the need for development in your ERP.

Validation module

Validation module

Data is validated to meet the specifications of the receiving entity, whether public or private.

Connectivity module

Connectivity module

In a B2G environment, the global e-Invoicing platform maintains data interchange through the protocols defined by each state agency for e-Invoicing regulations (web service, AS2, HTTPS, FTP, etc.).

Legal compliance module

Legal compliance module

Once the data structure of the message (electronic invoice, VAT declaration, etc.) has been validated, advanced cryptographic mechanisms are applied to guarantee its legal value, such as electronic signature, time stamping or other certificates.

PEPPOL compliance module

PEPPOL compliance module

EDICOM is accredited as a PEPPOL Access Point. EDICOM connects through the PEPPOL network to any public service operating on this network to exchange electronic documents of any kind: invoices, orders, purchase orders, price catalogs, etc.

Certified protection module

Certified protection module

Electronic invoices must be archived for a period of time and according to the security specifications determined by the legislation of each country. Our electronic archiving service is certified by the eIDAS standard. This guarantees document integrity over time, an essential requirement for legal validity.

News about electronic invoicing in Europe

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