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New Parameters for CFDI Mass Downloading in Mexico


The "Online Digital Tax Receipt Mass Download Service" is a tool developed by the Tax Administration Service (SAT). The service capacity has expanded to perform mass downloads of XML files and metadata information.

The CFDI Mass Download Service allows an end user to download CFDI-type documents held in the Tax Authority’s database. EDICOM, as an Authorized Certification Provider, is authorized to download up to 200K XML documents per request.

The SAT has officially released changes to the Mass Download web service for Authorized Certification Providers (PAC). EDICOM became the first Authorized Certification Provider by the SAT (Tax Administration Service) in Mexico on December 16, 2010, and EDICOM is currently one of the leading PACs in the Mexican market. 

As background, it should be noted that since 2021, the Tax Authority has informed us (as a PAC) about technical changes in the query parameters of the Download Service.

The mass download service consists of downloading CFDIs from the Tax Administration Service (SAT) database.

Main changes in the Mass Download Service:

A new parameter has been added for individual query downloads:

  • Downloading of a particular Mexican e-Tax receipt

And new parameters for the limited query:

  • Online Digital Tax Receipt Type
  • Payment Receipt Type
  • Online Digital Tax Receipt Status 

Documents up to a maximum of six years old may be downloaded. EDICOM has already made changes to adapt to the new query parameters, so you may download your documents using the new parameters established by the SAT. 

EDICOM, International e-Invoicing Provider

In addition to being a PAC authorized by SAT, EDICOM is the technological developer of our own e-Invoicing platform with a national and international scope. With this platform, we can offer complementary services to CFDI stamping allowing the user who contracts our solution to automate 100% of the flow of issuing and receiving invoices.

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