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Guide to Selecting the Ideal Authorized Certification Provider (PAC) in Mexico

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In the context of electronic invoicing in Mexico, opting for an Authorized Certification Provider (PAC) holds significant weight for companies committed to meticulous adherence to fiscal responsibilities and the streamlining of their accounting procedures. The proper selection of a PAC not only influences operational efficiency but also results in comprehensive tax compliance. Since 2010, the adoption of the electronic invoicing model, centered on CFDI, mandates the engagement of an Authorized Certification Provider (PAC) to authenticate the document and present it to the SAT.

EDICOM: Pioneer as an Authorized Certification Provider (PAC) in Mexico

On December 16, 2010, EDICOM accomplished a notable milestone within the context of electronic invoicing in Mexico by securing its position as the first Authorized Certification Provider (PAC) acknowledged by the Mexican Tax Administration Service (SAT). This feat marked a substantial progression in the country's electronic invoicing sector. 

As a PAC, EDICOM received approval to generate electronic stamps, validating Digital Invoices by Internet (CFDI). These CFDIs have evolved into a pivotal tool for Mexican businesses, offering an effective and regulation-compliant avenue for electronic invoice issuance.

The acknowledgment as the first PAC by Mexico's SAT emphasized EDICOM's dedication to excellence in electronic invoicing, showcasing its capacity to furnish dependable solutions in alignment with legal standards within the country's electronic invoicing domain. Since this accomplishment, EDICOM has consistently led the industry, delivering high-quality services to companies seeking streamlined invoicing processes and effective fulfillment of fiscal obligations. This achievement highlights EDICOM's experience and excellence as a trusted provider in the Mexican electronic invoicing market, yielding results such as the following:

Official SAT statistics

  • Invoiced invoices (Accumulated by 2023) – EDICOM -> 2,153,562,469
  • Contributors per PAC (Accumulated by 2023) - EDICOM -> 581,117

Authorized Certification Provider (PAC): The Pillar of Electronic Invoicing in Mexico

Within the Mexican business landscape, the integration of electronic invoicing surfaces as a crucial element for effective operational administration and adherence to regulatory standards. In this context, the Authorized Certification Provider (PAC) positions itself as a pivotal component, not only guaranteeing compliance with fiscal regulations but also enhancing dependability and security in commercial transactions across multiple levels.

Regulatory Compliance

Within the intricate landscape of Mexican fiscal regulations, selecting a PAC becomes a strategic choice for guaranteeing regulatory adherence. These providers not only possess a deep understanding of existing regulations but also proactively engage in updating and adjusting electronic invoicing practices to align with legislative changes. Opting for a dependable PAC such as EDICOM ensures not only current compliance but also the adaptability required to navigate forthcoming regulatory modifications.

Generation and Archiving of CFDIs

The PAC functions as the custodian of CFDI’s, which are instrumental documents supporting digital transactions. In addition to generating these documents, the PAC takes on the responsibility of securely preserving them. This not only streamlines accounting procedures but also eases audit processes, offering companies a transparent and precise overview of their financial history.

Security and Authenticity

Security is a fundamental pillar in electronic invoicing, with PACs serving as architects of this dependability. The incorporation of digital signature mechanisms and other security protocols guarantees the authenticity and integrity of the invoices issued. This not only shields companies from counterfeiting but also fosters a trustworthy environment with business partners and tax authorities.

Guide to Selecting the Ideal PAC in Mexico: 5 Key Considerations

  • Regulatory Compliance

One of the pivotal considerations in selecting a PAC is to ensure its full compliance with all fiscal regulations stipulated by the Mexican Tax Administration Service (SAT). It is crucial to confirm the PAC's certification by the SAT and verify that it offers an electronic invoicing solution in line with prevailing legal standards and requirements. This guarantees the validity and recognition of your company's invoices by tax authorities.

EDICOM has held PAC certification from the SAT for over 12 years. Additionally, we boast other accreditations, including being a Qualified Authorized Certification Provider (PAC) in Panama and being certified by the DIAN as a Technological Provider of Electronic Invoicing in Colombia. Our commitment involves a continuous adaptation of our solutions and technologies to adhere to mandatory requirements in countries with specific regulations in these domains. Our services are designed to simplify the integration of your systems with the current regulations in each country.

  • Integration and Flexibility

A reliable PAC should provide electronic invoicing solutions that seamlessly integrate with your accounting and ERP systems. The ease of integration is crucial for automating processes and minimizing manual workload. It is important to ensure that the PAC has the capability to adapt to your specific requirements, enabling the issuance of various types of fiscal documents and accommodating multiple branches or divisions.

At EDICOM, we take pride in developing our own electronic data interchange technology. Our active projects include over 17,000 clients, showcasing our ability to adapt to the diverse scenarios and unique needs of all our clients.

  • Technical Support and Customer Service

Technical assistance and customer service play pivotal roles in choosing a PAC. It is crucial to verify that the provider offers a highly skilled support team capable of promptly addressing your questions and concerns. The availability of customer service through various channels, such as phone, email, or online chat, serves as an indicator of the expected service quality.

At EDICOM, we go the extra mile by assigning each client a team of specialized technicians who consistently monitor their accounts. This proactive approach enables us to develop a profound understanding of each client's needs, ensuring a swift response to any contingency, irrespective of its complexity.

  • Scalability

As your company evolves over time, it's crucial to choose a PAC that is scalable and can adjust to your changing needs. Verify whether the PAC provides plans and services that can expand alongside your company, eliminating the necessity to switch providers in the future.

At EDICOM, our active projects span over 80 countries, showcasing a flexible architecture and innovative solutions that empower companies to grow and evolve seamlessly. Whether you encounter gradual growth or experience a sudden surge in demand, EDICOM adeptly tailors its services, guaranteeing a seamless and efficient transition.

  • Data Security

Ensuring data security is paramount when selecting a PAC. It is crucial to verify that the provider adheres to the highest standards of information security, encompassing robust encryption protocols, regular backups, and the safeguarding of data stored on their servers. The confidentiality and integrity of your company's information must be a top priority for the chosen PAC.

EDICOMLta emerges as our long-term electronic storage service, supported by our certification as an Accredited Certification Service Provider by the Mexican Ministry of Economy. We implement stringent identification, electronic signature, and timestamp mechanisms, following the standards of NOM151. All of these measures are executed under the robust legal framework of EDICOM’s solution, ensuring the unalterable integrity and authenticity of stored documents over time.

Choosing an Authorized PAC in Mexico is a pivotal step for any company aiming to operate efficiently and comply with fiscal regulations. It is essential to verify that the PAC meets legal requirements, integrates seamlessly with your systems, provides quality technical support, is scalable, and guarantees data security. This comprehensive evaluation will enable you to make an informed and advantageous decision for your business.

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