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2020 Roadmap: the Advance of E-Invoicing in Europe and Latin America, and Launch in New Markets

einvocing worldwide
E-invoicing continues its unstoppable advance across the globe. Discover the latest in e-invoicing and the foremost changes

The Hungarian Tax Authority NAV Is Set to Require the Saf-T Format for Data Reporting

hungria nav saft
NAV has organized a pilot project involving large enterprises and tech providers, including EDICOM to implement the SAF-T

Implementation of Govein 19 Is Succeeding across Europe

Govein 19 europe
The GOVEIN19 project has implemented an eInvoicing solution for hospitals from Belgium, Poland, Portugal, and Hungary

Germany: New Timeline in the Implementation of the European Directive on Public Sector e-Invoicing

Germany einvoicing
Germany sets a new timetable for the implementation of the European Directive on electronic invoicing in the public sector.

Latest news on e-Invoicing in Estonia, Lithuania and Latvia

e-Invoicing Estonia Lithuania Latvia
Estonia, Lithuania and Latvia are rolling out new e-invoicing developments in 2019

EDICOM has implemented its e-Invoicing solution for 36 European hospitals as part of the HOSP&INVOICE European Project

e-Invoicing solution hospitals
Each hospital is now able to receive and process cross-border electronic invoices compliant with the European Directive

EDICOM Sponsors e-Rechnungs-Gipfel e-Invoicing Summit

e-Rechnungs-Gipfel e-Invoicing Summit
The e-Invoicing Summit aims to promote electronic public procurement and the implementation of B2G e-Invoicing

EDICOM Takes Part in Factuurcongres

Factuurcongres is taking place this year in Nieuwegein and attendees will be fully informed about e-Invoicing

Simplify and centralize the management of issued and received invoices in a Shared Services Center

global e-invoicing
EDI solutions are an important alliance which allow you to manage e-Invoicing in different scenarios

Sweden Sets Mandatory e-Invoicing for Contracting Authorities and their Suppliers

Sweden Mandatory e-Invoicing
This means that the authorities will no longer accept invoices in PDF format from this date.