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EDICOM Participates in the E-Invoicing Exchange Summit Europe in Lisbon

E-Invoicing Exchange Summit europe

The E-Invoicing Exchange Summit Europe will be held in Lisbon from September 26 to 28, 2022. At this well established and global networking platform participants will get in-depth information about recent developments and future trends in the field of E-Invoicing.

EDICOM’s specialists will attend the Summit and Andre Menezes, Global Sales Manager, will give a presentation called Tackling Global E-Invoicing and E-Reporting: A Platform that Meets the World on September 27 from 14:30 to 15:00 on Stream B:

  1. What is E-Invoicing really about? Centralized approach, customer service, end-to-end integration.
  2. Tackling Global Compliance: multimarket and multicultural scenario, existing models and E-Invoicing systems, legislations and requirements.
  3. Automating your B2G and B2B communications: Integration as a Service is a must!
  4. Which are the challenges large businesses face when moving to E-Invoicing?


Europe on the Path towards a Common Model for Decentralised Exchange of E-Invoices and Tax Related Data

E-Invoicing is no longer the future - it is happening now and at lightning speed. All around the world businesses and governments are benefitting from E-Invoicing and E-Reporting.

Implemented in an efficient and consistent way, the opportunities start with real time early warning systems for fraud and lead to lean and cost saving invoicing and reporting processes. In several European countries E-Invoicing is already mandatory or will become mandatory in the coming years. 

As good as this sounds, still there are challenges and hurdles to overcome: How can processes be standardised and optimised across Europe - and even globally - aiming to achieve a true interoperability which leads to benefits for all stakeholders?

Key topic to be covered

  • Europe heading towards a common model for decentralised exchange of E-Invoices and tax related data
  • What should be the next steps for truly global interoperability?
  • Continuous Transaction Controls: What (multinational) companies expect from tax authorities and solution providers
  • Key findings and recommendations following the European Commission´s study on "VAT in the Digital Age"
  • Hyper automation trends enhancing performance in AP processes
  • Latest country updates from France, Belgium, Spain, Germany, Denmark, Poland, Slovenia, Bulgaria, Romania, Slovakia, Serbia, the U.S., Middle East, and Africa.

Global e-Invoicing & VAT Compliance in all your Electronic Transactions

EDICOM has extensive international knowledge of the different electronic invoicing systems. We analyze and study the models in many countries to offer solutions that adapt to the technological requirements of each one. Thanks to our specialized teams and our Global Compliance Platform, we manage the generation and sending of your electronic tax documents with any public authority and suppliers in full compliance with any requested technical requirements. 

  1. International e-Invoicing: Our solutions meet the requirements of the countries in which you operate in terms of e-Invoicing between companies, individuals, and public administrations. 
  2. International VAT Compliance: Full compliance with the obligation to declare VAT in compliance with electronic forms developed in various countries.
  3. Additional Compliance: Electronic transport declarations, electronic accounting, electronic tax reporting... We automate your processes according to the requirements of each country from which you operate.

Consult EDICOM's Global Compliance Map to discover the countries where we offer solutions that comply with local requirements.

Also, we are a certified PEPPOL Access Point, which allows us to connect your company with organizations and administrations at the international level. The use of a common, interoperable standard with PEPPOL is essential to achieve a cross-border public procurement model. Through the PEPPOL platform, companies and governments can exchange invoices, purchase orders, shipping notices, price catalogs, etc.

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