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Get to know the technology behind our EDI platform

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Through the SaaS model, or "Software as a Service", technology service providers such as EDICOM provide companies with software applications, such as EDI platforms, installed in remote data centers.

This SaaS model means that users access them over the Internet, normally with a simple web browser, from which they can administer, manage, configure, and monitor their integrated electronic data interchange solution.

EDI solutions operating in the cloud are generally designed to integrate with the client company's ERP or management system. This involves setting up communications systems that allow data transfer between the management system and the EDI SaaS solution for a constant and automatic exchange of sent and received documents.

To take full advantage of the benefits of an EDI service in SaaS mode, it is necessary that the technology on which it is developed offers security in the processing and treatment of information and guarantees uninterrupted availability of the service.


What are the technologies used to develop our EDI SaaS software?


Angular JS

The development of the web interface of our EDI software is supported by AngularJS technology. AngularJS (commonly called Angular.js or AngularJS 1), is an open-source JavaScript framework, maintained by Google, which is used to create and maintain single-page web applications.

Spring framework

The programming language of our EDI software is Java. Spring is an open-source application development framework and inversion control container for the Java platform.


The database where the data of our EDI platform resides is managed by MySQL. MySQL is a relational database management system developed by Oracle Corporation and is considered the most popular open-source database in the world, especially for web development environments.


To manage database access to the EDI platform we rely on the Hazelcast tool. Hazelcast allows sharing of different data structures in a distributed way with flexible and convenient scalability (queue management, locks, distributed memory, etc.).


The indexing engine we use in our EDI platform is based on Elasticsearch. It is a Lucene-based search server. It provides a full text, distributed, multi-tenant capable search engine with a RESTful web interface and JSON documents.


As part of our 24x7 surveillance policies, we use tools such as Kibana for monitoring and analyzing logs, application performance, and optimizing alert management.


Vulnerability measurement is based on the international standard OWASP (Open Web Application Security Project) and advanced measurement tools such as SonarQube.

CI/CD supported on Gitlab

CI/CD is a method of distributing applications to customers frequently using automation in the application development stages. The continuous integration and distribution process incorporates permanent automation and monitoring throughout the application lifecycle, from the integration and testing stages to the distribution and deployment stages.

At EDICOM we develop our EDI projects supported by this technology and methodology for error checking, testing, and quality measurement.

In just 3 minutes of video we show you the capabilities of our EDI software

So why choose EDICOM EDI software?

Our EDI SaaS solution is constantly evolving to offer our customers security, scalability, and traceability in B2B communications with their partners.

EDICOM's EDI solution served in SaaS mode, works as a multi-sector, multi-standard, and multi-protocol platform, which integrates, through EDICOMiPaaS, with any ERP on the market (SAP, Oracle, Navision, etc.). We are talking about a robust and scalable global solution to adapt to the specificities of any EDI project.

In addition to the classic transactional exchange in a B2B commercial flow, EDIWIN allows the sending and receipt of electronic invoices at international level with any public or private organization, in compliance with the legislation in force, as well as the management of e-reporting flows. In this way, it allows you to centralize all the commercial transactions of a company on a single B2B2G platform.

What other advantages can you find in our EDI software?

Personalized dashboard

Powerful dashboard with dynamic platform performance indicators. We can customize the graphs with different parameters, such as date, type of messages, etc.

Adaptation to mobile devices (Responsive Design)

All document information is easily accessible. Traditional contextual menus that hinder the user experience on mobile devices are eliminated.

Intuitive navigation

Navigation through the solution is user-friendly. Access to functionalities is concentrated in two clearly identified environments. An environment for advanced user administration and an environment for efficient document management.

Web-Form editing

Our EDI software incorporates intelligent tools that assist the user in the tasks of identifying and editing documents with errors, or in the agile construction of new documents.

Improved user experience

The graphical user interface has been designed with a 100% functional approach. The application provides a simple and friendly visual environment that adapts to the reality and language that users use in their daily operations.

Agile document consultation

Documents are the core of the solution. Therefore, we have centralized all document search options through a powerful tool that incorporates multiple parameters for a customized query.

Real-time visualization

Integrated analytics platform for end-to-end project management, from information collection, through data processing and analysis, to visual representation.


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