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EDICOM Opens New Headquarters in Morocco


EDICOM has chosen Morocco as the company's center of operations in Africa and the Middle East. The new office is in the iconic Twin Center in Casablanca, right in the heart of the Moroccan capital. 

The choice of the new location was based on the privileged location of the Arab country. Its strategic positioning has made it one of the states with the highest concentration of foreign IT companies and start-ups on the continent, proclaiming Morocco as one of the main IT HUBs in Africa. 

With this new opening, EDICOM aims to strengthen its presence in Africa and the Middle East, as well as to provide a better response to international companies with a presence in the region.

Many countries have decided to benefit from the advantages of electronic invoicing and digitize their tax systems, obliging both local and foreign companies to issue electronic invoices and electronic tax reports. In countries such as Egypt, Ivory Coast, Niger, Burundi, Saudi Arabia, Tanzania or Uganda, its use is already mandatory, while in Jordan, Nigeria or Kenya, it is about to become mandatory. In addition, countries such as Tunisia, South Africa, Togo, Oman, and the United Arab Emirates have opted for its use, for the time being, on a voluntary basis. 

The arrival of the Spanish company will consolidate EDICOM as a supplier of EDI, Electronic Invoicing, and VAT Compliance at a global level, facilitating the internationalization of companies through scalable technological solutions, adapted to the needs of each company, regardless of where their partners are located or where they operate.    

With the new headquarters in Casablanca, the total number of EDICOM offices in the world now stands at 9, located in: Spain, France, Italy, USA, Mexico, Colombia, Argentina, and Brazil. 




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