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e-Invoicing in Denmark, Norway, Sweden, and Finland on the Horizon for 2019

e-Invoicing Europe
In Northern Europe, PEPPOL network and its standards are set to move into the spotlight in 2019.

REMADV: the EDI message that lets you know when you're being paid

Remittance advice message (REMADV)
REMADV is an EDI document that a company issues to its supplier as notice of when and how much they are going to pay

B2G e-Invoicing with Public Administrations in Europe (White Paper)

B2G e-Invoicing Europe
Download the White Paper on e-Invoicing with Public Administrations in the European Union

The EU-funded initiative Govein launches its second project, GOV2EU

EU-funded initiative Govein
24 participants have joined this EU-funded project framed within Europe’s CEF TELECOM e-Invoicing initiative

Growth of e-Commerce driving use of EDI in the fashion industry

EDI in the fashion industry
In the retail sector, the fashion industry has a great impact on business and exports in countries such as Italy.

EDI Implementation Worldwide: Europe, USA, Latin America

Worldwide EDI - International EDI
EDI has evolved differently in each region of the world. In this post, we go over the models rolled out in Europe, the Unit

ASN or DESADV, a key EDI message in the supply chain

ASN is also known by the abbreviation DESADV or the term Despatch Advice when working with the EDIFACT standard

EDI Technology to Improve the Order to Cash Process

Order to cash EDI
Application of EDI technology, from placing the order until payment, maximizes security, optimizes supply chain management.

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