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Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) is one of the most used technologies for the exchange of business information in the B2B and B2G sector. It is secure, standardized, and fully automatable. 

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How to legally send invoices in PDF format

invoices in PDF format
Business@Mail integrates with your EDI solution and ERP, automating the sending of 100% of your invoices to all your client

What Are Electronic Orders? Benefits and Success Cases in Europe.

Electronic Orders
Do you know all you need to know about electronic orders? What are they? What are they used for? Which countries have mad

The automotive sector is migrating to global VDA messages

The old versions of VDA messages are being replaced by new global VDA versions that follow the EDIFACT scheme

EDI as a Tool for Change for the Shipping and Port Industries

EDI shipping and port industries
Electronic Data Exchange (EDI)​​​​​​​ is a valuable tool for optimizing import and export operations at ports.

Which EDI message are used in the logistics sector?

 logistics sector edi
In this post we discussed the different types of messages that make it possible to use this system in the logistics world

Key Messages in Automotive EDI Guarantee Supply Chain Efficiency: DELFOR, DELJIT, DESADV, INVOIC

Automotive EDI
In the automotive sector, the importance of communication between partners is characterized by heterogeneity and immediacy

Connect with Amazon and other e-Commerce platforms via EDI

EDI in the fashion industry
Information control and analysis is key to tracking each stage involved in sales, from order reception to final delivery,

REMADV: the EDI message that lets you know when you're being paid

Remittance advice message (REMADV)
REMADV is an EDI document that a company issues to its supplier as notice of when and how much they are going to pay

EDI Implementation Worldwide: Europe, USA, Latin America

Worldwide EDI - International EDI
EDI has evolved differently in each region of the world. In this post, we go over the models rolled out in Europe, the Unit

ASN or DESADV, a key EDI message in the supply chain

ASN is also known by the abbreviation DESADV or the term Despatch Advice when working with the EDIFACT standard