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EDI as a Tool for Change for the Shipping and Port Industries

EDI shipping and port industries
Electronic Data Exchange (EDI)​​​​​​​ is a valuable tool for optimizing import and export operations at ports.

Which EDI message are used in the logistics sector?

 logistics sector edi
In this post we discussed the different types of messages that make it possible to use this system in the logistics world

Automate Reporting of Issued and Received Invoices with the i.SAF System in Lithuania

 i.SAF system Lithuania
The i.SAF file is declared electronically on a monthly basis prior to the 20th of the following month.

Key Messages in Automotive EDI Guarantee Supply Chain Efficiency: DELFOR, DELJIT, DESADV, INVOIC

Automotive EDI
In the automotive sector, the importance of communication between partners is characterized by heterogeneity and immediacy

Blockchain and Electronic Data Archiving: Evidence Protection

Blockchain and Long Term Archiving documents
EDICOM Long Term Archiving uses blockchain tecnology in order to manage integrity evidences protecting critical documents.

Italy Extends Entry Into Force of e-Invoicing for Some Types of Fuel Companies until January 2019

italy e-invoicing
Decree Law n.79 of 28/6/2018 grants an extension to companies that sale petrol or diesel for transport at road distribution

Keys to a Successful EDI Project Implementation

EDI Project Implementation
The choice of tech provider is one of the critical aspects of rolling out an EDI project in a company

EDICOM, New Member of the e-Invoice Alliance Association in Germany (VeR – Verband Elektronischer Rechnung)

Germany (VeR – Verband Elektronischer Rechnung)
The association provides up-to-date information on all technical and legal questions related to e-Invoicing

Connect with Amazon and other e-Commerce platforms via EDI

EDI in the fashion industry
Information control and analysis is key to tracking each stage involved in sales, from order reception to final delivery,

e-Invoicing in Denmark, Norway, Sweden, and Finland on the Horizon for 2019

e-Invoicing Europe
In Northern Europe, PEPPOL network and its standards are set to move into the spotlight in 2019.