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EDICOM Takes Part in Factuurcongres


Factuurcongres is taking place this year in Nieuwegein and attendees will be fully informed about the possibilities of e-Invoicing for their organization. EDICOM experts on e-Invoicing and EDI integration will be answering all your doubts and queries at booth 4. Come visit us!

On this occasion, the Dutch event comes under the heading “Transformation”. Digital transformation is crucial for the financial department, with the aim of improving information processing, integrated workflows and quicker response times.

Directive 2014/55/ ​EU officially comes into force on April 18, 2019. Then all European public administrations must be able to accept invoices in electronic format from their suppliers. However, many countries, like The Netherlands, have already set their own legislation, anticipating to the Directive.

Recently, EDICOM has become a member of Simplerinvoicing to implement e-Invoicing projects in the Netherlands. By using our solution, our clients can comply with the invoice formats and connectivity established by the Dutch government. This is, converting documents into UBL, SI-UBL or XML format.

Also, accreditation as a PEPPOL Access Point allows EDICOM to link up with the PEPPOL platform, through which private companies and governments in Europe can exchange any kind of e-documents.

Managing your e-Invoicing with Public Administrations of the European Union in compliance with national specifications can pose a challenge for global companies. To simplify this process, EDICOM has developed a B2B2G global electronic communications platform with e-Invoicing and VAT Compliance capabilities.

Topics that will be covered

  • Case studies: Implementations and use cases
  • Which technologies are going to change your world?
  • Pay and get paid: an extension of your service
  • What is the impact of the National Government Mandatory?
  • Opportunities for new developments such as the PSD2 and Access to Account (XS2A)
  • Blokchain technology and Bitcoin? What can I do with it? What should I do with it?
  • Fraud and fraud prevention
  • Onboarding
  • Simpler Invoicing and Peppol
  • Standards in the market

Global e-Invoicing Platform

Over the past ten years, Factuurcongres has seen some great breakthroughs in the e-Invoicing area, but also in solutions. As the event organizers point out, a decade ago the technology was still quite basic, but nowadays we are working with an integrated platform with the ERP that help businesses achieve greater profitability from this paperless model.

In this progress, EDICOM does not only offer an automated solution, but is pioneer in the creation of an international platform. In the age of globalization, companies need to provide a centralized response to achieve fiscal compliance involving different demands in each market. This is the only way multinationals can continue to exploit the economic benefits and efficiency generated by e-Invoicing .

The Global e-Invoicing Platform solution from EDICOM lets you automate the creation, archiving and sending of invoices from the same environment, meeting the requirements of more than 70 countries around the world. This is possible thanks to the work carried out from the Permanent e-Invoicing Observatory, which studies and analyses the evolution of this technology in order to constantly adapt the solution to new legislation.


HOSP&INVOICE project (Action No: 2017-EU-IA-0146)

EDICOM coordinates HOSP&INVOICE project (Action No: 2017-EU-IA-0146).

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