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When you implement an EDICOM technology solution, it includes access to our international User Support Center, a service you can reach by phone from any of the countries where EDICOM operates.

The goal of our User Support Center is to offer you maximum efficiency, with minimum response times thanks to the ability of our specialists to resolve incidents in real time. 




Our specialized consultants, grouped by sector and country, are here to answer your questions. 

Global Outsourcing

Global Outsourcing

Outsourced management of the tasks and processes associated with your B2B e-Commerce platform.  

Language Support

7 Languages

German, Spanish, French, English, Italian, Portuguese and Dutch.

Preferential Service

The preferential service is staffed by professionals who have proven experience managing, maintaining and assisting with complex installations in all sectors. 


Each client is assigned a team of specialized professionals who are responsible for permanently monitoring the account. This allows us to acquire in-depth knowledge of each client's needs, which in turn translates into a rapid response to any contingency, regardless of its complexity.

The preferential service is designed for users with integrated solutions and medium to high volumes, or those who have outsourced the management of their communications platforms.

The User Support Center's preferential service is available to all users, regardless of the implemented solution.

Service Availability

Service Availability

The time that elapses between the client's call to the preferential  support center and the time the call is answered by a specialist. The goal is for this time to be 0. Our commitment is to keep the time under 15 minutes at all times. 

Incident Resolution

Incident Resolution

The time it takes EDICOM to resolve an incident once it is reported by the client to the preferential support area. The time depends on the classification of the type of incident based on its criticality. Our promise is to resolve incidents within a certain maximum length of time.  

Features of EDICOM's Preferential Service



High Availability Service

The high-availability service offers 24-hour, around-the-clock support staffed by a team of professionals who monitor and analyze the performance of the solutions.


Our team of specialists is responsible for the continuous surveillance and monitoring of the resources assigned to clients on EDICOM's B2B cloud platform.  

This means that any incident that occurs in the systems, communications, electronic document signature processes, etc., is immediately detected and resolved so that it does not interfere with the client's daily operations.

At the same time, 24x7 support works with clients who require a round the clock help desk. In this case, the service includes a team of qualified professionals who are in charge of monitoring the critical and specific processes of your solution. The lines of communication with the client are open at all times to report incidents.

Features of the High Availability Service

SLA | Service Level Agreement

EDICOM's technology infrastructure is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Availability is understood as the ability to access the service by anyone who needs to, regardless of the speed or pace at which it is subsequently provided. This availability is measured on a monthly basis.

We sign service level agreements with our customers to guarantee compliance with three variables.

Availability of EDICOM's Platform

Availability of EDICOM's Platform

EDICOM's platform must be available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Availability is understood as the ability to access the service by anyone who needs to. 

Incident Resolution

Maximum Incident Resolution Time

Our specialized professionals resolve incidents according to the different service levels established for this purpose. 

Software Updates

Software Version Updates

At EDICOM we are committed to updating our solutions and developing new versions to enhance the service delivered to our clients. 

Our understanding of when an incident is resolved is when the appropriate measures are taken by EDICOM to resolve the issue or when the client receives detailed instructions and the problem is definitively solved.

EDICOM promises to identify the root causes of problems to ensure that they do not happen again in the future and also to issue a report on the corrective and preventive actions to be taken, no later than five days after the occurrence of the problem.

If any of the parameters guaranteed in the SLA are breached in terms of platform availability, incident resolution or support service, the client will be entitled to a discount on the next invoice equivalent to the percentage of deviation from the committed parameter.

EDICOM makes daily, weekly, monthly and annual copies of all service data. Daily copies are overwritten weekly; weekly copies are overwritten monthly; monthly copies are overwritten annually; and annual copies are kept for a minimum of 10 years

EDICOM complies with the security measures required by the laws in force on personal data protection as specified in your security document, and all backups are encrypted.

Users may retrieve data from backup copies according to the backup policy described above and the agreed commercial conditions in place at any given time.

EDICOM will provide new versions of products, free of charge, as they are developed from time to time that serve as upgrades or substitutes of the installed products.

Clients agree to update their systems with the new versions supplied from time to time Technical Service. EDICOM will no longer support obsolete versions 6 months after the release of a new version.

EDICOM  is committed to maintaining the logical and physical security measures needed to guarantee the provision of the service from its facilities and to adhere to the security measures of standards such as ISO27001, for example. 

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