Global Platform for EDI, e-Invoicing, Tax Compliance and iPaaS

EDICOM has an international EDI B2B and iPaaS platform that is adapted to current electronic invoicing and tax compliance legislation.

International Solutions for Data Integration in the Cloud

EDICOM offers all services from a global platform that integrates the technology necessary to implement B2B EDI communications projects

The EDICOM Platform also offers electronic invoicing and tax declaration solutions according to current legislation in many countries.


SaaS Platform

SaaS Platform

EDICOM's platform functions in SaaS (Software as a Service) mode. Users have uninterrupted access to our data centers in order to operate with our solutions suite.

High performance

High Performance

Our platform manages over 500 million electronic documents every year. It promises 24/7 availability and secure delivery of each document or electronic transaction.

Compliance Platform

Compliance Platform

EDICOM solutions adapt to current legislation in many Latin American and European countries for Tax Compliance and B2B and B2G electronic invoicing projects.

In-House Software Development

In-House Software Development

Applications are designed, developed and maintained completely by EDICOM. We don't rely on third parties, so solutions are produced, improved and adapted immediately.

Security and Confidentiality

Security and Confidentiality

We apply rigorous controls to guarantee information security and confidentiality, all in compliance with the strictest international regulations.

Qualified Trust Services

Qualified Trust Services

We are a Trust Services Provider in Europe, Mexico and Colombia for electronic signatures or identification, as well as for storage and certificated delivery of electronic documents.

DPC | Data Processing Center

Our Data Processing Center offers a high availability model thanks to the redundancy of any component or service. In practice, this translates into the availability of several DPCs (Data Processing Centers) located in different facilities that operate synchronously through a permanent reproduction of resources and records in real time.

The dimensions of each server or communication equipment are created by means of an active-active configuration. In other words, any component is immediately duplicated in the event of failure of another. This reduces recovery times should an issue occur, from the failure of one server to the failure of an entire data center.

BCP | Business Continuity Plan

The BCP encompasses both the Disaster Recovery Plan and the Business Restoration Plan. The disaster recovery procedure implements technical and human resources in a coordinated and immediate manner in the event of any contingency that threatens the provision of services to our customers. 

EDICOM applies solid and proven procedures to safeguard the administrative unit, the Data Processing Center, the personnel in charge of providing the service and the information and documentation generated. The BCP ensures service continuity and guarantees the recovery of operations, information and documentation generated in the systems, in the event of any natural or human event that may affect EDICOM's activity.

24/7 Technical Oversight

The EDICOM Platform has qualified professionals who ensure the uninterrupted operation of the system's activity, 365 days a year, 24 hours a day. To this end, we are organized into different areas:


24/7 Technical Monitoring

A team of experienced technicians, specialized in communications, systems and programming, permanently monitors and oversees our technological infrastructure and the perfect functioning of all applications. They have specific responsibilities and decision-making capacity to immediately adopt the necessary measures to guarantee customer service.

International Support Center

The implementation of an e-Commerce solution entails user support services to resolve questions and issues. This service guarantees personalized attention to thousands of users from all over the world in 7 different languages—during our clients' hours of operation and in their countries of origin.

SLA | Service Level Agreement

EDICOM enters into a service quality agreement with its clients based on the fulfillment of three variables.


Platform Availability

EDICOM Platform Availability

The EDICOM Platform must be available 24 hours per day, 7 days per week. This means that the service must be accessible to those who need it, when they need it.

incident resolution

Time Max for Incident Resolution

Our specialized technicians resolve incidents according to different established service levels.

Software updating

Software Updates

EDICOM is committed to updating its solutions and to developing new versions in order to improve service to clients.

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