Workflow Integration Management

A workflow integration management service that lets you manage a wide variety of data formats adapted to the communication protocols and particularities of B2B2G communication systems.

Entrust EDICOM with your workflow integration management

With our workflow integration management service, you'll have a team of professionals specialized in data transformation systems at your disposal to adapt all of your electronic transactions to any standard required by your commercial partners and integrate them into your internal management system. 

The implementation of an e-Commerce solution on our platform implies the need to generate, maintain and administer your data structures to guarantee the very highest quality service. Our Technical Department will be the one in charge of everything related to the development and management of data structure transformations, from the most basic to the most sophisticated documents using any standard, and even "proprietary" formats, with advanced e-Signing and data encryption. 



  • Development of data integration proposals adapted to the features of the most commonly used ERPs: SAP-Idoc, plain text structures, etc.

  • Workflow design for the construction of multi-standard data structures, and/or integration of incoming documents to the client's back office.

  • Delivery, reception and integration testing conducted prior to going live to confirm that the documents are properly integrated with the client's internal management system.

  • Workflow maintenance to adapt to possible changes made to data structures or to adjust to changes made by the leading recipients to their EDI guidelines.

Benefits of the workflow integration management service

Multi-standard mapping

Transformation of multi-standard data

We work with any standard as the source or destination of your communications (EDIFACT, X12, VDA, XML, UBL, etc.). Using a single source interface, we make as many adaptations as necessary to generate the standard required by each recipient.

Financial Data Exchange

Financial Data Exchange

Use of XBRL taxonomies and other specific standards for sending and receiving bank statements, trial balances and requests for confirmation of bank transactions, etc.

Fully Integrated

Fully integrated with your ERP

EDICOM's platform can integrate your transactions with any ERP on the market (SAP, DYNAMICS, ORACLE, JD Edwards, proprietary development systems, etc.).

Sector Standards

Sector Standards

Fully compatible with the most commonly used standards in certain industries such as RosettaNet, VDA, ODETTE, ebXML, etc.

Data Processing

Advanced Data Processing

Possibility of adding conditioning factors to a single original structure, displaying or hiding certain information using logical conditioning factors.

Constant Updating

Constant Updating

Constant management of integration flow adaptation tasks in line with the standard updates required for your business transactions.

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