Integral Partner Management

A management service to handle the support tasks for your community of EDI B2B partners.

Let EDICOM Manage your EDI Administrator Group

With IPM (Integral Partner Management) our management team interacts with your clients and suppliers, providing them with the support they need to resolve incidents, run tests or configure new communication protocols. The team works just like an in house EDI Administrator Group, freeing you up completely from this management task.    

EDICOM's IPM (Integral Partner Management) service provides support to the suppliers, clients and other partners you interact with on a daily basis for electronic document interchange purposes. 

Your assigned team will be available to your trading partners to resolve any incidents that may arise in their transactions with you in the course of sending and/or receiving electronic documents. The team can also provide them with detailed information such as guidelines or specifications on protocols and standards. 

Companies that have an EDI solution that they use to interact with a critical mass of trading partners. This type of service is a good option when servicing these partners involves specialized resources dedicated to answering questions and resolving incidents.  

The IPM service is separate from the electronic data interchange, application integration or compliance solutions offered by EDICOM. This service may  be right for you if you have a large community of partners who connect to your platform on a daily basis to send and receive purchase orders, invoices, shipping notices or any other electronic transaction that is part of the workflow.  

The length of the IPM service depends on the scope of your project. You can use it to support your partners on an ongoing basis or for a limited period of time. For example, if you need to broaden the scope of your communications project to add new messages, we can provide the service until the objectives of adopting the new EDI project requirements are met.

EDICOM sets up dedicated telephone lines for your project. You are free to disseminate these telephone numbers among your partner network. From there, EDICOM responds on your behalf to all questions and incidents received on these dedicated lines. 

EDICOM keeps records and statistics on the requests and tasks performed to support your partners. These details are shared with you through collaborative tools and are an essential element for assessing the level of service provided. They are also a valuable source of information for detecting patterns of questions, concerns or incidents which you may need to act on to make your platform management more efficient and agile. 

Any partner who is directly affected by your communications project based on the definition of the service agreed with you prior to implementation. These are most commonly suppliers, logistics operators and other partners involved in your value chain. But they can also be clients and even consumers who may receive relevant information from you from time to time through one of  our portals.  

Some Examples of IPM Services



EDI support

Dedicated Phone Number

We provide a dedicated telephone number for the exclusive use of your community of partners.

EDI customer service

Incident Handling

Ongoing support for your partners to resolve their message interchange incidents (misconfigured messages, communication failures, missing required fields, etc.)

 integration of new partners

Connection of New Partners

Ongoing management of tasks and tests to complete the integration of new partners.

EDI standards

Reception Standards and Formats

Communication of the format specifications and particularities of messages sent to partners.

EDI Guides

EDI User Guides

Maintenance and distribution of EDI Guides for generating messages according to your needs.

EDI protocol


Management of communication protocols (networks, point-to-point connections, web services, etc).

Edi Testing Process

Send and Receive Tests

Testing of sent and received messages. Reports on test results.

EDI Errors and Incidents

Errors and Incidents

Incident resolution support: (misconfigured messages, communication failures, etc.)

EDI Integration

Integration of New Messages

Information on new documents and testing with the partners involved.

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