EDICOMSignADoc Use Cases

Among the multiple EDICOMSignADoc utilities, these are the most common document approval and signature solution applications.

Trust Services Provider


Streamline All Your Document Approval Processes

EDICOMSignADoc is a technological tool for streamlining the process of sending documents to be signed and then returned. It significantly reduces time and can be used for both internal and external processes with other business partners.

With EDICOMSignADoc, receive signed contracts and commercial proposals from clients, internally approve invoices to be paid or partnership agreements. You can also receive signed employment contracts, payrolls, or NDA's (Non-Disclosure Agreements), etc.

Specific Applications for Signing and Approval of Documents

It can be used for internal or external personnel and registered and unregistered users on the platform. You can define different steps, recipients, and conditions. Obtain maximum control over all your document approval processes telematically and with total effectiveness.


Business Proposal Signing

Integrate people outside your organization as clients in your workflows.

Send your sales contracts as soon as they are generated and request their approval with total security and minimum time.

Your clients will receive an email, and with one click, they will access the contract and choose whether to approve or reject it.

Internal Invoice Approval

Establish internal approval flows adapted to your company's departmental structure.

Involve the persons in charge who must approve each invoice.

Configure the rules that condition the approval of your invoices (department, identification of suppliers, creditors, invoice amount, etc.).

Sign Contracts and Payrolls

Generate contracts or payrolls from your system and obtain employee approval.

Facilitate secure recipient access to your online signature platform.

Obtain evidence of approval of contracts, payrolls, etc.

Sales Dept.

  • Sales contracts

  • Confidentiality agreements (NDAs)

  • Price lists and discounts

Purchasing Dept.

  • Purchase orders

  • RFP/RFQ/RFI validation

  • Supplier contracts

  • Service level agreement

HR Dept.

  • Employment contracts

  • Employee NDAs

  • Company policies and standards

  • Payroll delivery

Marketing Dept.

  • Transfer of image rights

  • Approval of communications

  • Supplier contracts

Finance Dept.

  • Invoice approval

  • Audit validation

  • Asset transfers

  • Loan requests

Legal Dept.

  • Shareholder contracts

  • Patent registration

  • Approval of internal regulations

  • Transfer of powers of attorney

Do you have any other document approval process in mind?

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Do you want to know how EDICOMSignADoc works in an integrated way?

Automate the entire process of document issuance to be approved up to the point where they can be generated with your current management system. Benefit from the advantages of the data integration included in the project implementation. Experience a total change in the management of your documents, discover the integrated mode of operation of EDICOMSignADoc.

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