Solution for the approval of supplier invoices

Global solution for the approval of supplier and creditor invoices with integration services and archiving with probative value

Document workflow approval

We have launched services specifically designed for internal invoice approval workflows. These will be traced with purchased orders and linked shipment notices.

Integration of the accounts payable system

EDICOM develops advanced data integration solutions to automate the registration of all invoices approved in your accounts payable system.

Electronic log with probative value

Long term archiving with eIDAS accreditation of received electronic invoices received with approval evidence and related documents (orders, delivery acknowledgements, etc.

Services to automate your accounts payables

The most advanced solution to approve and integrate received invoices.

Our services enable us to completely automate the integration of received invoices.

We enable multiple channels for the reception of these documents, channeling them towards those responsible for their approval. 

EDICOM’s eIDAS document archival services enable the storage of invoices with linked documents and approval evidence logs with providing a guarantee of integrity and probative value as required by third parties.

  • Personalized solutions for the approval of supplier and creditor invoices adapted to the characteristics of your organization. 

  • Automate the reception of all your invoices for a complete integration of your accounts payables. 

  • Digitalize your processes integrating 100% of your suppliers to reduce response time and operation costs. 

One Solution. Many Benefits.

Reception and Approval of EDI invoices

EDI invoices with traceability and validation of key data

Configure your invoice EDI schemas

We help you define your EDI schemas to guarantee the reception of invoices with the data you require. 

Integration of orders and shipping advice documents

Integrate your EDI B2B communication projects, the issue of purchase orders and the reception of shipment advice to perfectly time your logistical operations. 

Invoice Validation

The data in an EDI invoice are quickly processed by the EDICOM platform.

Received invoices can therefore be pre-validated, getting rid of those without valid references to purchase orders, dispatch and shipment advice or any other required document. 

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Internal invoice approval flow

Design of approval workflows

Design your internal invoice approval flows according to the nature of each document. Establish rules that determine signing parties and actions to be performed to manage each invoice according to its importance, value, or departments that need to approve. 

Define approval types

From simple checks to major guarantees like two factor identification, the personal electronic invoice, the joint and several electronic invoices determine what system is the most appropriate to attend to the importance of each received invoice. 

Control over approval evidence

All approved invoices will generate evidence that will be archived in the EDICOM document approval service which can be easily accessed.

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Invoice integration for accounts payable

Data Mapping Service

Invoices that pass the approval process are transferred to the transformation or mapping service to translate EDI invoice data into your ERPs format. 

Data Integration Service

The EDICOM platform enables secure communication channels specially created to transfer data to your application ecosystem.

If your platform is in house or in the cloud, EDICOM can use any communication channel to guarantee that the data in your invoices is integrated into your ERP system. 

Long Term Archiving service

Evidence log with probatory value

The EDICOM Long Term Archiving Service is certified according to the eIDAS regulation. When providing trust services EDICOM acts as a guarantor of the integrity of archived documents by giving them probatory guarantees that the document has not been altered. 

These characteristics put the burden of proof that an invoice has been changed to the claimant, making them very useful in any litigation with a third party.

Guaranteed Traceability

The archiving service gives additional value to stored invoices, and other related documents  like purchase orders, waybills, and dispatch advices with their approval evidence log to create a single file detailing the stored invoice’s life cycle. 

EDICOMLta (Long Term Archiving)

EDICOM Long Term Archiving is a service created to archive documents leveraging its certification by the European commission as a trusted third party according to the eIDAS regulation. 

The service simplifies tasks like archival and retrieval of received invoices with guarantees and continuous controls over the integrity of stored documents. 

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Frequently Asked Questions

EDICOM’s platform is multi-standard. It can process any structured EDI or proprietary format. EDIFACT, X12 or compliance formats according to the norms of any country (usually XML) can be processed by the solution.

EDICOM’s invoice reception and approval solution has the functionalities necessary to validate and process electronic signatures by analyzing parameters like the validity of certificates or the type of signature applied to ensure they are correct. 

The multistandard capabilities of EDICOM’s platform enable it to recognize the format of the invoice, identify and extract the fields in the document where the order ID resides, as well as any other data that will enable you to process and accept received invoices. 

EDICOM’s platform is designed to process the transaction exchange flows. 

Purchase orders sent to suppliers can be issued by our solution, so that when an invoice is received it becomes possible to relate key data of the initial order and the received invoice to automate the initial validations of any invoice. 

The validations that are applied to the received invoice are customized to each project based on its requirements. 

Validations are syntactical and used to verify the structure of the received document, as well as content validations about the content to detect the existence of key data requirements. 

As many as your organization requires. according to your company’s organizational model as many workflows as are necessary, specifically adapted to the particular traits of each document.

EDICOM’s document approval service enables the generation of many types of evidence. From simple checks for users with specific permissions, to more complex systems with better guarantees to identify approving parties of a document by using two factor authentication, or electronic invoices with recognized certificates issued specifically to each approver. 

Normally they are stored for the legally required time. This time can be adapted to your own requirements. You can also Access specific services to dump all invoices stored in your local network before eliminating them from the solution. 

The originally received invoices are stored in our Long Term Archiving Service with purchase orders and shipment notices linked to each other. 

Additionally, it is possible to save approval evidence with documents creating a complete file for every accounts payable submitted to permanent audit by EDICOM’s eIDAS trust services. 

For suppliers without EDI solutions it is possible to implement services like EDICOM’s supplier portal. This system enables a secure web environment for the supplier community where they can connect and visualize their purchase orders and manually enter their invoices. 

Automate the reception of all your invoices.

We develop data integration technology and document approval solutions.

We have solutions to process large invoice volumes quickly and personalized solutions that can adapt to the particularities of you business. 

Leave your contact information and we will reach out to understand your project.

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Supplier Portal

The supplier portal is EDICOM’s solution to integrate with partners that cannot send invoices in an EDI format. 

The solution enables the automation of invoice reception for its approval and integration into your accounts payable system, acting as a valid channel to send purchase orders linked to invoices. 


Order Integration

Purchase orders from your ERP are published in the supplier portal.


Supplier notification

Suppliers are notified through e-mail every time they receive an order in the portal.


Portal Access

Suppliers access the portal with their own username and password to see their orders, which can be accessed through the links included in the email notifications.


Invoice upload

Suppliers can automatically generate invoices from the received orders, helping to automate much of the process.


Invoice approval

Invoices processed in the portal are transferred to the approval service for their validation by the managing parties.


Integration of accounts payable

Invoices approved are integrated into your ERP automating the management of accounts payables.

Supplier management

Transparency, responsibility, and security.

These are the three pillars of supplier management.

Reception and invoice approval solutions provide many efficiencies and savings when fully automated.

These efficiencies can be measured in shorter approval times and more transparent management for both suppliers and buyers. 

Approval of invoices received by e-Mail

It is quite common for suppliers to send invoices through e-mail in a PDF format. 

The attached documents can be processed by the EDICOM platform and be fully integrated to your accounts payable system, fully automating the reception of all invoices. 

EDICOMNet Mailbox

e-mail reception of invoices

EDICOMNet Mailbox

EDICOMNet Mailbox is a service which uses SMTP protocols in EDICOM’s communications network to enable the reception of invoices from your suppliers through e-mail, including attached documents in PDF format. 

OCR Facturas

Invoice OCR

Data extraction of received invoices

The extraction of key data from emails, as well as that of invoices using OCR technology can ran through the validation process.

  • PO number

  • Totals

  • Product reference codes (RFC)

  • Line level discounts

  • Invoiced shipping notices

  • Etc.

Invoices Workflow

Approval of received invoices

Invoice approval workflow

Invoices that pass the validation process will then be passed to EDICOMSignADoc. This service enables clients to design workflows adapted to your organization to create approval evidence logs that will leave a paper trail of invoice approvals. 

Invoices integration

Invoice Integration

Data integration service

Approved invoices are then integrated into the management system. Data extracted in step 2 are critical to automate the upload of invoice data to your accounts payable system. 

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EDICOM Group will use the personal data collected to answer questions/or manage the services requested. You may exercise your rights of access, rectification, opposition, restriction and portability of your data in accordance with the provisions in the Privacy Policy.