Valid e-Signature in EDICOMSignADoc

Electronically approving and signing documents avoids printing papers to sign manually and enables a telematic process from start to finish. And all this, with the same validity as if it had been signed by hand.

Trust Services Provider


Configure e-Signature and Authentication Methods

SignADoc provides you with all the systems you need to implement the exact security that your document approval process requires. For minor documents, one authentication method may be sufficient. For others containing critical information, it is possible to implement the highest level of e-Signatures.



Simple, Advanced, and Qualified e-Signatures

With non-recognized certificates, recognized certificates, or secure signature creation devices  —  depending on your needs, SignADoc ensures the integrity of the document, the signatory's authenticity, the confidentiality of the transaction, and the document's non-repudiation. For signing a contract with a client, an advanced or qualified e-Signature would be a wise choice.

  Two Factor Authentication

Two Factor Authentication OTP and SMS Authentication Methods

This measure enables a code to be sent to the user by SMS or the OTP (Google Authenticator) system to be entered to implement a double authentication method and reinforce security. In the case of approving invoices internally within the same company, an OTP authentication method would be a logical choice.

EDICOMSignADoc Supports All Types of e-Signatures

Our solution supports all types of e-Signatures. This system uses asymmetric key cryptography to guarantee the integrity of the document, signatory's authenticity, confidentiality of the transaction, and the document’s non-repudiation.

In this system, two keys work in a complementary way, since what is encrypted by one can only be decrypted by the other and in the same way in the opposite direction. These keys are the private key, safeguarded only by its owner, and the public key, known by other users who exchange signed documents with the private key owner.


simple e-Signature

Simple Signature

This type of e-Signature is possible using unqualified electronic certificates. They guarantee the integrity of the document and the confidentiality of the transaction.

This level of signature is one of the least secure since it does not guarantee the authenticity of the signatory.

advanced e-Signature

Advanced Signature

This type of e-signature is based on qualified electronic certificates. In addition to the integrity of the document and the confidentiality of the transaction, it guarantees the authenticity of the identity of the document's signatory.

Within the types of signature, it provides an intermediate level of security, guaranteeing the signatory's identity.

qualified e-Signature

Qualified Signature

This type of electronic signature is made from qualified certificates and also from secure signature creation devices. It guarantees the integrity of the document, the signatory's authenticity, the confidentiality of the transaction, and non-repudiation.

It provides the highest level of security for all of the above aspects.

If you are still signing documents manually, your company is slower than it could be.

Optimize your company's processes that have room for improvement thanks to automation and leave behind the traditional and slow way of operating.

Approve documents with a technological solution, sign them electronically, and no longer print physical paper. Eliminate the need for anyone to travel to another location to sign manually and retain the same compliance validity of approved documents.

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Every action on every document generates a footprint. All of them, the evidence report.

For each event that occurs on a document, EDICOM, as a Trust Third Party, generates evidence that it signs and applies a time stamp.

This means that there is proof that can be presented in the event of any requirement or litigation. In addition, there is total control over what has occurred in each approval flow, giving greater control and monitoring of the signature of a document to the document issuer.


Evidentiary Value

The evidence report is decisive proof in case of disputes or litigation with third parties.


Events appear in order and perfectly-identified. There is a history of what has happened with each document.


The report has the e-Signature and time stamp of EDICOM, internationally accredited as a Trust Third Party.

EDICOM, Trust Third Party at the International Level

EDICOM has certifications in different regions that accredit it as a Trust Service Provider.

Qualified Trust Service Provider

Does your company operate in a European environment?

EDICOM is accredited by the European Commission in compliance with the European eIDAS Regulation (n ° 910/2014).

eIDAS official seal

Certification Service Provider

EDICOM is a PSC accredited by the Mexican Ministry of Economy.

PSC Mexico

Digital Certification Entity

EDICOM is a Digital Certification Entity in Colombia by ONAC.

certificación ONAC

Learn about the Advantages of Our Remote Signature and Delegated Signature Services

EDICOM's remote and delegated e-Signature services make it easier for clients to sign documents and files. They do so by allowing the use of recognized certificates from secure signature creation devices hosted in EDICOM's infrastructure or by using EDICOM's qualified certificate as a Trust Service Provider.

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