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Italy Updates Law Governing the Preservation of Electronic Documents

italy electronic archiving

New technical rules governing "the Formation, Management and Preservation of Computerized Documents," published by the Italian Agenzia per l'Italia Digitale (AGID), will come into force on january 1, 2022.

The guidelines will update the technical rules of the Digital Administration Code (DAC) for the creation, registry, management, and storage of electronic documents. Their objective is to create a single legislative framework for these processes.

With a holistic vision covering all phases of document management, the new rules aim to ease the law’s future adaptation to changes in digital technology. To this end, the standard includes a static text and 6 annexes that are more flexible and adaptable to technological evolution. The annexes are:

  • Glossary of terms and acronyms
  • File and dump formats
  • Process certification
  • Standards and technical specifications
  • Metadata
  • Communication between AOO of registered administrative documents, which replaces circular 60/2013

The new measures affect the overall management of electronic documents, requiring companies to update internal processes and procedures.

Annex 5 makes some important changes to metadata use, requiring more fields to be included in electronically stored documents by June 2021.

It also defines more complex metadata to ensure maximum flexibility. This is intended to improve interoperability, transparency, and maintenance of documents’ probative value.

The new rules more precisely define the role of the Conservation Manager, the person responsible for the preservation of electronic documents. They also better outline the process and infrastructure of the storage system.

The new regulation affects public administrations, public service management organizations, public companies, individuals (where applicable) and private entities that provide services to the public administration. Said parties are implicated in article 2, paragraphs 2-3 of the Digital Administration Code.

EDICOM's LTA (Long Term Archiving) solution has already been adapted to the new guidelines of the Conservazione Sostitutiva Law.

EDICOMLta is a long-term electronic storage service that guarantees the integrity and authenticity of documents over time, providing them with probative value before third parties. EDICOM is a Qualified Trust Service Provider in compliance with the European eIDAS regulation.

The application of advanced security mechanisms, such as electronic signatures and time stamps, guarantee the authenticity and integrity of documents from the moment they are stored in EDICOMLta.

Users of the EDICOMLta service can archive any type of document, including invoices, contracts, or videos. Files are stored in an agile and simple way.

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