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EDICOMLta is a long-term electronic archiving service operating in the cloud and can integrate with third-party applications.

Trust Services Provider

Integrate Our Electronic Archiving Service in the Cloud with Your Own Software

We offer companies an electronic archiving solution in the cloud that enables their own software to securely store electronic documents over the long term and with evidentiary value.

Thanks to the advanced cryptographic technology used (electronic signature, electronic seal, timestamping, etc.), you can integrate into your proprietary software components or comprehensive solutions for certified electronic archiving with legal evidentiary value. All from a single platform that can offer the comprehensive electronic document archiving service required by the international standard ISO 14641-1:2015

How to implement the module for Resellers?

The implementation of the long-term electronic archiving module requires minimal implications by the technical teams of both parties:

1. Prior and simple process of coordination and collaboration of the teams.
2. Connectivity between the two platforms.

The result of the process is transparent communication between applications, offering a product to the end-user that acts as a proprietary solution of the business partner. With the implementation of our technology, the business partner obtains a product with full electronic preservation guarantees, which, in many cases, is a key factor in differentiating itself from the competition.

A 100% Scalable System that Operates in the Cloud

This service has been developed from the outset to adapt technically and commercially to the needs of business partners who wish to implement it in their applications. Thus, the system offers a simple management interface to manage the environments of each of the clients/users who contract the service.

Additionally, it is characterized by being a fully scalable system adapted to the commercial projection of your business. This is achieved with a technological model based on contracting "user license packs," which you can request and activate from your administrator environment.

Add Value to Your Product Catalog

EDICOM offers companies an electronic archiving solution in the cloud for third parties.

It provides its own software with the ability to secure documents with a legal guarantee.


Advantages for Resellers

Cloud Integration

Cloud Integration

Electronic document custody service operating in ASP-SaaS mode in EDICOM's technological infrastructure. In this way, you outsource significant hardware costs and guarantee system support and monitoring by specialized technicians.



This is a quick start-up system, fully integrable with other technological solutions or third-party applications. In this regard, a specific API has been developed to enable communications between the Long-Term Archiving Service and any other application. 

Certified Archiving

Certified Archiving

Our electronic archiving system is certified by the reference standards for electronic archiving, such as the eIDAS Regulation and ISO 14641-1. This certifies that the document custody process is reliable and legal. 

Technological Observatory

Technological Observatory

We have a Permanent Technological Observatory of dedicated technicians who review changes and updates in electronic archiving, allowing us to adapt the platform to any technical or legal modification.

24x7 Support

24x7 Support

Specialized and continuous technical service is one of the features that sets EDICOM apart. We maintain ongoing support in seven languages with resellers to solve any incident or scale your platform.

High Service Availability

High Service Availability

EDICOM's Service Level Agreement (SLA) commits the company to guarantee its customers 99.9% system access availability. This is fundamental for resellers who need a secure and accredited business partner they can trust to bind their own applications and services.

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