Romania Accelerates the Digitalization of its Tax System

Romania Tax System

Romania has decided to modernize its tax system through a series of measures that aim to digitalize tax declaration processes.

The implementation of the SAF-T system, the electronic invoice and the declaration of electronic tickets are amongst the many projects proposed by the Romanian tax authority (ANAF)

All these measures are encompassed within the “National tax Administration’s Strengthening Initiatives to Support Modernization Initiatives” as declared by the National Tax Administration (ANAF).

Of all the initiatives the SAF-T project for the declaration of tax and accounting information is the most advanced. To select the most adequate declaration format the SAF-T models of other European countries like Poland and Portugal were analyzed. The ANAF stated that it would like to have a fully developed IT system for SAFT by July 2021. The ANAF states that the implementation of the SAF-T “will contribute to equality in the performance of business activities and will also improve voluntary compliance as it will reduce the needed effort by tax authorities and taxpayers regarding the assignment of material and human resources”.

The president of the ANAF, Mirela Calugareanu has stated that they would like to initiate a voluntary pilot project in September and make the use of SAF-T mandatory in phases as of January 2022.

Since there have been no technical or legal requirements published by the ANAF we can extrapolate from initiatives in other countries that the government’s goal is to develop a B2B, B2G and B2C electronic invoicing system. As well as an electronic point of sales ticket reporting system that will be mandatory for large taxpayers on June 30th and on November 30th for all other companies.


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