Optimize your Commercial Processes from your Shared Services Center

A solution for companies operating in different markets with centralized management systems

A Single Platform to Satisfy your Global Needs

CSCs (Shared Services Centers) centralize in a single business unit processes and activities that were previously performed in different departments throughout the organization or even in different geographical locations.

If you have operations in different countries and receive many invoices from your suppliers that must be integrated into accounts payable system, you need an EDI platform that centralizes and automates all the business process operations that your company requires.

For accounting and accounts payable, automated e-Invoicing solutions using Shared Services Centers simplify collection times and make administrative processes more efficient.  


Centralization and global compliance

Centralization and global compliance

The service includes tax validators that connect to the competent tax authorities. Regardless of the country of origin, they monitor each document to verify that it complies with the technical and legal specifications of each country where it is needed.  

Approval of documents with electronic signatures

Approval of documents with electronic signatures

Our solution supports all kinds of electronic signatures and allows you to create customized workflows so your organization can reap the maximum benefits of process automation, 

Long-term electronic archiving

Long-term electronic archiving

Availability, accessibility and confidentiality to keep track of supplier documents and comply with possible audits. Being able to locate any document quickly and securely facilitates processes and centralizes digital archiving. 

How is e-Invoice Management Simplified with a Shared Services Center?

International companies with operations in different countries must define an EDI communication model adapted to their specific needs. At EDICOM we offer centralized solutions designed to respond to global customers through a single platform.

Integrated EDI global solution

Integrated EDI global solution

The platform establishes connections with your ERP, CRM and all of the management applications involved in electronic data interchanges with your partners.

Supplier and Client Portals

Solutions for partners without EDI

Our supplier, customer and certification portals are essential to expedite the onboarding of your partners to your EDI platform.

Automation of Accounts Receivable and Accounts Payable

Thanks to EDI technology it is possible to automate invoice issuing and receiving processes for integration in the company's ERP. EDICOM's global invoicing platform covers the entire billing process, simplifying the processes of issuing and receiving electronic invoices in multinational environments.

The solution is integrated into the customer's management system or ERP for the exchange of standardized documents and messages between the parties involved in a business transaction. For invoices, the module establishes connections with the internal system to integrate the process of issuing and receiving of invoices.



Accounts Receivable

Allows you to automate EDI messages from records generated directly in the company's ERP. In the process of sending invoices to customers, the solution transforms the data structures into the required standards (EDIFACT, X12, PEPPOL, UBL, ODETTE, XML EDI) that meet the technical and legal specifications of each country. It also implements digital signature, which means that it is also a compliance solution.


Accounts Payable

The invoicing platform receives invoices from suppliers and validates them in accordance with the technical and legal specifications of each country where the recipient company operates. Using advanced data transformation processes, the incoming electronic invoices are adapted to the data structure and integrated into the customer's accounts payable system.


Meeting the Global Challenges of Electronic VAT Reporting

Tax agencies around the world are moving towards electronic tax compliance with the aim of improving tax control, simplifying procedures and automating oversight processes.

In a global market, each country continues to establish its own standards. 


Spain - SII

Immediate Electronic Reporting 

Immediate reporting of VAT records

SII Solution in Spain

United Kingdom - MKTD

United Kingdom Making Tax Digital

Keeping and reporting digital VAT records

MKTD Solution - United Kingdom

Hungary - RTIR

Hungary Real-Time Invoice Reporting

Real-time reporting

RTIR Solution in Hungary

Poland| SAFT - JPK VAT


VAT returns

SAF-T Solution in Poland

Outsourcing to a Global Provider like EDICOM

Outsourcing technological resources and activities that are not part of the company's core business seeks to reduce costs by placing those external services in the hands of dedicated professionals who assume certain responsibilities on behalf of the contracting company.

Outsourcing the technological resources associated with your B2B and B2G communications platform to a global provider such as EDICOM and delegating the necessary management procedures to maintain them ensures constant updating and optimal performance, maximizing the benefits derived from choosing any of the solutions in EDICOM's portfolio, such as EDI, e-Invoicing or VAT compliance.

Cloud Technology

Cloud Technology

Hardware, software and maintenance activities are carried out at a Data Center managed by EDICOM which the user can access by means of different connection services. 

EDICOM Outsourcing

Dedicated Specialists

Continuous maintenance, administration and configuration. Your company has dedicated groups of administrators who provide your representatives with ongoing support and oversee platform maintenance. 

EDICOM Service Level Agreement

Service Level Agreement

For all resource outsourcing services and management tasks, EDICOM offers high levels of service which are contractually guaranteed in a signed SLA (Service Level Agreement).

B2B CSCs: Key Advantages

Lower Operating Costs

Lower Operating Costs

Costs are reduced due to the enhanced efficiency of processes and the elimination daily administrative tasks. Shorter delivery and collection times due to automation and the elimination of errors which lead to delays. 

Fewer Duplications and Errors

Fewer Duplications and Errors

Elimination of duplications as well as financial and legal risks which can sometimes be related to communication problems and electronic invoicing. Elimination of human error thanks to the automation of procedures.

Large Transaction Volumes

Large Transaction Volumes

Because CSCs operate with large transaction volumes at the corporate level, the benefits of global B2B communication solutions using EDI are leveraged, as are the benefits of the CSC, which has a ripple effect throughout the organization and can even impact trading partners.


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