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The B2G Electronic Invoice Will Be Mandatory in Wallonia

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The Walloon Region in Belgium has announced the obligation to create electronic invoices for all B2G transactions as of January 1st 2022. invoices in PDF or in text sent through email will no longer be accepted.

Wallonia now will comply with Directive 2010/45/EU whereby public administrations must be able to receive and process electronic invoice and suppliers must be able to generate electronic invoices for the goods and services sold to the administration.

The Walloon government has given an adaptation margin and has enabled a postal address for the delivery of paper invoices (SPW Finances - Centre de scan - Avenue Gouverneur Bovesse 29 - 5100 Jambes).

Walloon Electronic invoicing system

The Walloon regional government was already encouraging public entities to join the interfederal platform called “Mercurius”, connected to the PEPPOL network.

With this announcement Wallonia becomes yet another region where the electronic invoice in the public sphere becomes mandatory. Since January 2020 it is mandatory for all suppliers of the Flemish government and since November of the same year for suppliers of the Brussels government.

All government bodies have access to the Mercurius platform to receive electronic invoices.

Digital signatures are not mandatory on the electronic invoice and they must be preserved for 7 years.

How to send electronic invoices through Mercurius

Companies that will invoice the Walloon public administration or any other regional or federal administration can do it through an electronic invoicing solution based on Electronic data interchange technology like EDICOM’s global e-invoicing platform. This solution can connect you to over 70 public administrations around the world.

Among the many capabilities of EDICOM’s international electronic invoicing platform it is important to note that it guarantees connection with the PEPPOL network thanks to its certification as a PEPPOL access point. Making it the perfect solution to operate in the Belgian and European public market.

The electronic invoicing solution integrates with the ERP of any company and automates the conversion of data in its internal management system to various structured formats according to the legal and technical specifications of each country where the company operates. Which in Belgium’s case is the PEPPOL BIS 3.0 format.

For companies with a low invoice volume they can manually issue invoices through the Mercurius platform itself.


EDICOM coordinates GOVEIN2019 project (Action No: 2019-EU-IA-0046)


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