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Brazil Approves the Version 4.0 of its electronic bill of lading, CT-e (Conhecimento de Transporte Eletrônico)


Electronic Bill of Lading in Brazil

The adoption of version 4.0 of CT-e XML has been authorized by the Conselho Nacional de Política Fazendária (CONFAZ) through ATO COTEPE 123, which was issued on December 6, 2022. 

This approval of the "Manual de Orientações do Contribuinte" implies the adoption of CT-e XML version 4.0. CT-e is the electronic bill of lading utilized in Brazil to document, for tax control, information relating to transport services and circulation of goods in Brazil, to streamline processes in harmony with other e-trade tools.

The update of CT-e XML will have an impact on companies that both issue and receive CT-e, CT-e OS, and GTV-e.

New Features in Version 4.0 of CT-e

The main changes introduced in the new version of CT-e XML 4.0 are:

  1. Consolidation of technical notes from MOC 3.00b
  2. Removal of the SOAP header from web services
  3. Elimination of CT-e Rejection and Cancellation
  4. Removal of the Asynchronous Authorization Service
  5. Extension of the Event Sequence Number
  6. Removal of the Annulment Service

The Secretaria da Fazenda, SEFAZ, introduced a test environment in April 2023, allowing companies interested in adoption to start testing. Additionally, the production environment has been accessible since June 2023 for carriers who want to use the new format for their CT-e.

ATO COTEPE has defined a transition period between version 4.0 of CT-e XML and version 3.0. The issuance of version 3.0 will remain valid until January 31, 2024, providing carriers across the country with ample time to transition technologically to version 4.0.

EDICOM, Regulatory Compliance Experts

EDICOM, a specialized technology provider in Electronic Data Interchange and global electronic invoicing, maintains a vigilant stance on legislative updates from SEFAZ. The company promptly adjusts to the latest requirements for issuing or receiving CT-e XML 4.0, guaranteeing that businesses can confidently meet the new fiscal regulations in Brazil.

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