EDI Test and Certification Portal

Quickly manage the status of your suppliers in the adoption of critical EDI flows in your Electronic Data Interchange project.

EDI Partners Certification Portal

The EDI certification portal is EDICOM's tool to facilitate the incorporation of new EDI flows between partners. It provides an autonomous space where users can verify the quality of the processes implemented in their Electronic Data Interchange projects.


EDI Partners

Incorporating New EDI Partners

Generate a project with an environment for testing an EDI message. The partner performs its EDI transactions and checks its test messages with the portal's validation.

Optimize EDI

Extend Your EDI Project

Define different settings depending on the type of supplier and EDI messages to be incorporated. Assign the partners their settings, so that they can perform the specified tests.

How does the EDI Certification Portal work?

An example of how the certification portal works when incorporating an EDI DESADV message (Notice of Dispatch).


Project Registration

Project Registration

The company registers the certification project in the EDICOM Certification Portal for its suppliers to carry out the necessary tests to incorporate a new EDI message.

Settings Creation

Settings Creation

The different test settings are defined according to the suppliers' characteristics. For example, one setting could be for food suppliers, and another for the rest of the suppliers.

Validation Development

Validation Development

EDICOM generates a validator for each of the project settings. This includes the time delimitation for performing the tests and the minimum number of successful tests to pass each setting.

Access Configuration

Access Configuration

The developer gives providers access to the various settings assigned to them. Providers get acceptance or error messages based on the tests performed.

Project Status

Project Status

The developer has a global vision of the project and of each supplier in particular. This allows them to monitor, in real time, the progress of the process: pending settings, successful tests, failed tests, etc.

Certification and Rollout

Certification and Rollout

Once the assigned settings have been passed, the supplier is certified and can integrate with the project developer, initiating the exchange of actual EDI messages.

Supplier Onboarding

Our Onboarding Service is the perfect complement to the EDI Certification Portal. Learn more about what we can do to boost the performance of your B2B communications platform.

EDI Certification Portal Benefits

Benefits for the business

  • Streamlines connectivity testing with your partners.

  • Accelerates the incorporation of new partners and suppliers.

  • EDI communications testers can work more efficiently.

  • Ease of EDI project extension through the creation of multiple settings.

Benefits for partners to be incorporated

  • Simplifies testing and validations between suppliers and their clients.

  • Gives suppliers more autonomy in closing the loop on validation processes with their EDI partners.

  • Concentrates testing tools in one place (guides, settings, specifications, etc.).

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