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Guaranteed Connectivity Between Hospitals and Providers in Belgium With EDICOM

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With the current global healthcare crisis we are experiencing, it is even more important that the healthcare sector be equipped with the appropriate technology that guarantees the secure, immediate, and error-free exchange of information.

The use of outdated or incorrect information can lead to additional costs in supply chain management, as well as discrepancies between the data that is being used by laboratories and pharmacies.

Belgium has a global HUB of healthcare companies made up of suppliers and laboratories. The sector needs technologies and services that are capable of solving the problems that may arise when exchanging documents in accounts payable and accounts receivables. This technology is not only a necessity because of the growing obligation that is emerging in many countries, but also because they generate long-term benefits in cost savings, automation, and elimination of errors.

EDICOM is one of the leading technology providers in the healthcare sector in Belgium. We have the capacity to connect suppliers with more than 35 hospitals in Belgium by facilitating their connectivity and simplifying the exchange of documents electronically. In addition to electronic invoicing, EDICOM’s solutions are scalable and allows customers to incorporate any document into your information flow. These can be orders, delivery notes, catalogs, etc…

Belgium is also in the process of implementing the mandatory use of B2G electronic invoice for all suppliers in the country. This includes both centralized and local entities. The healthcare sector will be one of the most affected by this law. EDICOM provides service to Belgian suppliers to ensure connectivity with their customers, whether they be hospitals, pharmacies, or laboratories.

The PEPPOL standard is widespread in the public and healthcare sector. Companies of any size can participate in cross-border public procurement processes. EDICOM is a PEPPOL Access Point that guarantees the connectivity throughout the Benelux region.

Our B2B2G platform connects healthcare stakeholders globally

What are your goals? 

  1. Integrate customers' orders regardless of the format or standard in which they were created.
  2. To have a platform for issuing electronic invoices in compliance with the law and adapted to my customers' specifications.
  3. Receive 100% of my purchase orders in electronic format.
  4. Synchronize my product catalog information with that of my partners in accordance with GS1 - GDSN standards.

This is how we can help

  1. Automate the reception, processing, and integration of all EDI electronic documents received.

  2. Issue legal electronic invoices from your ERP data, adapting them to the format required by all your customers.
  3. Promote my EDI best practices with my suppliers through onboarding projects to connect them to my communications platform.
  4. Implement electronic catalogs designed to synchronize the product databases of all trading partners.

Benefits in the Healthcare sector

  • Increased patient safety: Thanks to up-to-date communication of information, errors are avoided and the use of medications with more specific instructions is facilitated.
  • Increased management efficiency: Thanks to the electronic traceability of articles, stock control and management is improved.
  • Real-time information: GDSN catalogs facilitate access to standardized and accurate product information, ensuring that suppliers, retailers, hospitals, and pharmacies share the same data for each of the references.
  • Cost savings: Savings are mainly driven by the automation of processes that increase productivity, but also by the elimination of paper and the creation of new electronic records.

General Electric Healthcare case study

EDI supply chain management in healthcare is one of the most complex and requires effective solutions to connect electronically with the entire trading partner community.

GE Healthcare's project includes several types of trading partners with different needs, private companies, and the public sector, which implies the design of a tailor-made EDI platform.

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