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Germany: New Version of XRechnung Electronic Invoice

XRechnung 2.2.0

As of 01-08-2022, in Germany, version 2.2.0 of XRechnung and the XRechnung extension come into effect, replacing version 2.1.1. Because of this, KoSIT has introduced minor changes, including improvements to make it compatible with the specialized procedure of the digital health application (digitalen Gesundheitsanwendung - DiGA). Extensions to rules for verifying seller contact data have also been implemented.

Compatibility with DiGA Technical Specifications

To establish compatibility with the DiGA technical procedure, it is necessary to expand the code lists. The required codes must be included in the ISO 6523 code list or in the Electronic Address Scheme (EAS) to be used in the XRechnung invoice. The content of the invoice remains unchanged, but the codes must be entered in their corresponding places in the invoicing system. The only change for the user is the customization ID in the XML.

The XRechnung extension has been created to use codes that are not part of the code lists, such as:

  • XR01: DiGAVEID. Unique code for a prescription unit of a DiGA according to §139e of the SGB V.
  • XR02: Digital voucher unlock code for the use of a DiGA according to §139e SGV V.
  • XR03: Unique identifier for a service provider according to Article 293 of the SGB V.

Verification Standards for Seller Contact Data

Version 2.2.0 of XRechnung includes new rules for checking seller contact data, which are mandatory according to standard BR-DE-2:

  • BR-DE-27: The "Seller's Contact Phone Number" element (BT-42) will transmit a valid phone number. A valid phone number must contain at least three digits.
  • BR-EN-28: The seller's contact email address element (BT-43) will be used to transmit a valid email address.
  • BT-43 must contain exactly one @ character, which should not be separated by a space, but by at least two characters on each side. The period should not be at the beginning or end.

Access the full specification of XRechnung version 2.2.0

Sending and Receiving XRechnung via the Peppol Network

The German Electronic Invoicing Act, E-Rechnungs-Gesetz, grants its federal states the authority to enact their own transposition decrees. The only requirement for the federal states is that, in case of developing their own web service, they must also offer connection via Peppol.

The EDICOM Peppol Access Point simplifies connectivity to the Peppol network, allowing transparent and direct access to other network Access Points.

The EDICOM Peppol Access Point enables European administrations and public authorities to interact with their community of counterparts and providers through integrated solutions that automate the exchange of all types of electronic documents under the Peppol-XML standard.

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