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EDICOM approved as PEPPOL Provider by the Dutch PEPPOL Authority NPA

PEPPOL Provider PEPPOL Authority NPA

We are proud to announce that the Dutch PEPPOL Authority, Nederlandse Peppolautoriteit (NPA) has authorized EDICOM as a PEPPOL provider in the country. 

This certification enables us to easily connect our clients with public sector entities in the Netherlands and with business partners from the private sector connected to the PEPPOL-network in order to send and receive electronic invoices and any other documents.

As authorized service provider, we will also participate in the NPA’s serviceproviderscommunity, with the aim of learning and sharing our knowledge and expertise in e-Invoicing and VAT compliance matters.

The e-Invoicing landscape in the Netherlands anticipates Directive 2014/55/EU. Currently, central public administrations and contracting authorities are both mandated to be able to receive and process electronic invoices. Suppliers with contracts dating after 2021 must issue electronic invoices, those with contracts from before can voluntarily comply.

Central public administrations are connected to the central platform called Digipoort which is also connected to the PEPPOL network. Currently, electronic invoices can be sent in PEPPOL BIS 3.0 format.

By using our solution, our clients can comply with the invoice formats and connectivity established by the Dutch government. This is, converting documents into UBL, SI-UBL or XML format.

EDICOM, certified PEPPOL Access Point

The accreditation as a PEPPOL Access Point allows EDICOM to link up with the PEPPOL e-procurement platform. Through it, private companies and governments in countries all over Europe can exchange all kinds of e-documents: invoices, purchase orders, orders, price catalogues, etc.

EDICOM has obtained certification of its AS server (EAS Server) by the European Union, having complied with all technical and security requirements and specifications. We have implemented AS4 through the MADE Project (2016-EU-IA-0063) funded by European INEA Agency. 


HOSP&INVOICE project (Action No: 2017-EU-IA-0146)

EDICOM coordinates HOSP&INVOICE project (Action No: 2017-EU-IA-0146)

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