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EDICOM Participates in GS1 Connect Event on Supply Chain Best Practices

GS1 Connect

EDICOM will be present at the GS1 Connect conference in Denver, Colorado, between June 5th-7th as a global EDI technology provider. As always, the goal of this year’s conference is for attending companies to learn about leveraging GS1 standards to optimize their business processes.

Visit EDICOM at booth 47 where we can introduce you to our electronic data interchange technology. Our EDI SaaS EDI solutions use a pay-per-use model which simplifies the implementation and scalability of the solution.

The conference agenda is packed with best practices and success stories from companies that have leveraged GS1 standards to streamline their operations. This year’s conference will have over 40 sessions including keynote speakers, networking opportunities, GS1 US University classes, initiative member meetings, trading partner roundtables, and much more. Sessions will be focused on actionable insights to help your business:

  1. Optimize operations and enhance inventory management.
  2. Improve information transparency and elevate patient safety.
  3. Enable end-to-end supply chain visibility and more.

When it comes to sharing data electronically, EDICOM offers game-changing solutions to help companies increase efficiency and security. Our EDI platform adapts to both the needs of companies and the industries they operate in.

Seamless communication between partners is critical within the supply chain in order to fullfil orders in a timely manner. Operators and carriers must be able to exchange information efficiently with their suppliers, distributors, and end customers.  With electronic data interchange, you can send and receive commercial documents securely, quickly, and seamlessly with your customers, suppliers, and other partners by fully integrating a solution with your internal management system.

The standardization of processes and control measures offered by EDICOM's B2B platform ensure secure communication while simultaneously guranteeing legal compliance in more than 80 countries.

  1. Global e-Invoicing Compliance: Implement a single solution to comply with local requirements in the countries where your company operates. Ensure compliance by integrating a solution with your management system to send and receive electronic invoices and other documents related to electronic tax returns (SAF-T, MTD, etc.)
  2. Product Traceability: With electronic data interchange solutions, all communications are monitored so the person responsible for the goods knows where they are at all times. 
  3. Multistandard & Multiprotocol: EDICOM’s platform handles messages in multiple standards (EDIFACT, X12, XML) and works with the communication channels required by the different supply chain protocols (PEPPOL, AS4, OFTP2).

We offer diverse solutions to help companies integrate and automate communications

EDICOM has developed solutions for all sectors, such as our EDICOMNet B2B Communications Infrastructure, the Vendor Inventory Management tool and EDICOMData electronic catalog. These solutions have enabled international companies simplify and improve their daily operations.

  • Supplier Portal: A Web solution that integrates with your management system to automatically send purchase orders to suppliers and receive invoices in electronic format. You can centralize communications with your suppliers through a single secure Web Portal. 
  • iPaaS Application Integration: Integrate and connect with different applications in your technical infrastrcture: management systems, databases, software, workflows, IT applications, etc. Centralizing these tasks optimizes critical business processes in your company and reduces costs. 
  • Vendor Inventory Management: EDICOMCRP runs advanced demand forecasting algorithms based on sales, inventory, promotions, product trends, and other information that is continuously shared by the parties involved in the supply chain using electronic data interchange technologies.
  • Supplier Onboarding: The B2B Onboarding service provides technical and human resources for the inclusion of new partners on your EDI platform, with the aim of integrating all of your partners in the shortest possible time. 

Benefits from EDI technology for your company

  1. Traceability: With EDI it is possible to monitor and trace shipments so that the parties involved have up-to-date information at all times and can validate it.
  2. Better Ratios: Reducing inventories, increasing sales, optimizing operations and forecasting demand over time all adds up to increased revenue and more accurate cash flow forecasts.
  3. Immediacy: Provides information in real time which can prevent delays in dispatching and receiving processes, shipments to warehouses, etc.


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