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EDICOM, New Member of the e-Invoice Alliance Association in Germany (VeR – Verband Elektronischer Rechnung)

Germany (VeR – Verband Elektronischer Rechnung)

EDICOM, as electronic invoicing provider worldwide, is now a member of the e-Invoice Alliance Germany (VeR – Verband elektronischer Rechnung). Our e-Invoicing experts in the region will be able to collaborate with this association, which represents the service providers in the field of electronic invoice and document processing.

The association provides up-to-date information on all technical and legal questions related to e-Invoicing. It is also involved in the simplification of electronic invoice exchange, also on an international level. In March 2010, the association introduced a roaming standard for better collaboration between e-Invoicing providers, thereby assuming a pioneering role.

For EDICOM, the participation in the association is an opportunity to stay even closer to updates and improvements on the electronic invoice evolution in Germany. EDICOM has been working on e-Invoicing in the region for several years and already provides EDI services for multinationals in the country, whether B2B or B2G projects.

e-Invoicing in Germany

Germany defines its e-Invoicing model with public administrations in line with European Directive 2014/55. Entry point for receipt of e-Invoicing from suppliers in Germany will be a central portal where suppliers will be required to create user accounts. This way, any supplier with a single user account will be able to send invoices to any public agency.

Germany currently uses its own electronic formats, designated XRechnung (XML) and ZUGFeRD (Zentraler User Guide des Forum elektronische Rechnung Deutschland). Both formats are compatible with European standards, which means that they meet the standards set by the CEN (European Committee for Standardization).

EDICOM’s e-Invoicing solution is ready to work with the German e-Invoicing system. EDICOM’s e-Invoicing platform integrates with the company ERP or internal management system and is adapted to the requirements and formats stipulated by German legislation. In addition, thanks to our Public Administration HUB, we guarantee direct connectivity with national or local administrations, removing the complexity of point-to-point connections of each administration with its partners. Get in touch with us to find out how to kick-start your e-Invoicing project in Germany.

Global e-Invoicing and VAT Compliance

Businesses operate in globalized markets and run their trading operations in a transnational framework, which means they must adapt their processes to an increasingly widespread reality: e-Invoicing.

Also, tax agencies around the world are moving towards electronic tax compliance. The big challenge for global companies is dealing with local tax compliance. Local tax compliance force companies to have several technology solutions, one for each country. This doubles the effort, and spreads management resources thinly. This prevents businesses taking advantage of the potential of automation.

To overcome this hurdle, we have created the EDICOM Platform, a global solution for B2B2G e-communications. Through the platform, companies can engage in EDI, e-Invoicing and electronic VAT returns in any region worldwide. This way, it is possible to centralize all transactions in a single platform, streamlining tasks and cutting costs.

It is the solution for companies that operate in different markets from centralized management systems and have to be able to process these documents according to the legislation currently in force in each country.

With EDICOM you can meet invoicing and VAT compliance requirements worldwide, as we have knowledge of the models used in different countries around the world. If you are going to roll out your e-Invoicing project, find out how you can benefit by hiring a single e-Invoicing provider to reach any country in the world.


GOV2EU Project (2016-EU-IA-0096)

*EDICOM participates in GOV2EU Project (2016-EU-IA-0096). Supporting public entities to adopt EU Standard on electronic invoice for cross-border transactions.

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