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EDICOM is certified as a Qualified Authorization Provider in Panama


EDICOM has been accredited as a Qualified Authorization Provider (PAC) in Panama by La Dirección General de Ingresos (DGI) in Panama.

The certification was issued by Resolution No. 201-7569 of November 14, 2022 and certifies EDICOM the authority to operate as PAC, complying with all technical and administrative requirements that guarantee optimal security procedures, having the appropriate technological infrastructure to process and safeguard all invoices and electronic documents of taxpayers in Panama.

According to Resolution No. 201-0295, "Authorized Certification Providers (PAC) in Panama are legal entities authorized by La Dirección General de Ingresos (DGI) to grant validation of electronic invoices to taxpayers that use them, guaranteeing the continuity of the service".

Among other aspects of the electronic invoice in Panama, it is worth mentioning the obligation as of January 1, 2023 that every Single Taxpayers Registry (RUC) must use Electronic Invoicing through a Qualified Authorized Provider (PAC).

During 2023 new obligations are established for the implementation of the Panama Electronic Invoicing System (SFEP) with two different implementation dates January 2, 2023, and February 1, 2023.

EDICOM, International Certification Authority

We are an accredited provider in multiple countries for the issuance of electronic invoices, the declaration of tax documents or the digitalization of processes. 

In Mexico we have been an Authorized Certification Provider since 2010, being the country's No. 1 PAC, and we are also accredited as a Certification Service Provider by the Mexican Ministry of Economy for electronic identification and signature, timestamping, certified digitalization or data message storage.

Thus, EDICOM has the highest level of certification in Mexico to provide our suite of electronic solutions with full fiscal and legal validity.

At the same time, EDICOM has the Authority accredited by the ONAC of Colombia for the issuance of electronic certificates, provision of signature services and long-term electronic storage; with regards to Europe, we are an Accredited Provider by the European Commission under the eIDAS regulation for the issuance of certificates, electronic signature and time-stamping services, long-term storage and certified electronic delivery.

EDICOM is accredited by the authorities of multiple countries to be able to adapt its solutions to the requirements of each case, with maximum guarantees in security, confidentiality and integrity for all your electronic transactions. 

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