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SAT upgrades CFDI foreign trade complement


El SAT actualiza el complemento de comercio exterior para CFDI

Mexico’s Tax Administration Service (SAT) website has announced a new upgrade for the CFDI foreign trade complement. As indicated in the press release, this version 1.1 will come into effect from March 1, 2017 and may be used alternatively or simultaneously with version 1.0. With this modification, the SAT maintains the commitment to update e-invoicing being promoted throughout 2016 and which is set to continue next year with CFDI version 3.3.

What is included in the new foreign trade complement version?

The CFDI foreign trade upgrade includes new features, summed up in these four points:

  • A node that can be used for final export operations of type A-1 goods, in cases where the goods are not subject to sale, or in which they are, but gratuitously (i.e., without receiving any payment in return or with no sale).
  • Updating of the validation with reference to identification of products in several tariff fractions.
  • Updating of the tariff fractions catalogue.
  • Inclusion of the sender and receiver addresses, which will apply in the future for CFDI version 3.3.

The  technical documentation of this v.1.1 foreign trade complement is now available on the SAT website. There you can find details of the structure to follow, the standard, the original string sequence and the catalogues, among other things.

Who is required to use the foreign trade complement?

As of last July 1, the SAT requires the use of e-invoicing in foreign trade transactions for class A1 final exports. In these CFDIs it is necessary to fiscally identify the recipient or consignee of the goods, the order must include the folio number of the e-invoice for tax purposes and, as of March 2017, it will also be compulsory to include the foreign trade complement.

However, taxpayers who wish can start using the complement now. This CFDI add-on reinforces security and fiscal control in freight traffic, as it efficiently identifies exporters and importers. Moreover, it provides a more detailed description of the goods and offers facilities when it comes to approving other e-documents used in foreign trade. For example, the add-on is scheduled to replace the Electronic Proof of Value (COVE).

How to adapt to the foreign trade complement?

EDICOM has worked hand-in-hand with the SAT in the development of this CFDI add-on for exports. Thanks to this, the CFDI platform is now ready to issue e-invoicing with this update. Solution users can issue their e-invoices with the complement without making any changes in their systems.

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