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Key Insights on Mandatory Electronic Invoicing in Zambia: Smart Invoice

Starting July 1, 2024, the use of the Smart Invoice e-Invoicing system, implemented by the ZRA, will become mandatory.

Electronic Invoicing in the United States: Interoperable Exchange Network

09/05/2024 (updated)
 Electronic Invoicing USA
The DBNA will be responsible for defining policies, standards, and security mechanisms that make up the exchange framework

Denmark Modernizes Its Bookkeeping Act to Promote the Digitalization of Accounting

09/05/2024 (updated)
Denmark Bookkeeping Act
The Danish Authority (Erhvervsstyrelsen) has published the expected dates of entry into force of the Digital Bookkeeping

The Electronic Invoice in Peru

07/05/2024 (updated)
Electronic Invoice System (SEE) peru
Get to know how the Electronic Invoice System (SEE) in Peru Works. 

B2B Electronic Invoicing in France

29/04/2024 (updated)
B2B Electronic Invoicing in France
France is moving forward in the deployment of the new B2B electronic invoicing and e-Reporting model.

How Does e-Invoicing Work in Uruguay?

29/04/2024 (updated)
e-Invoicing Uruguay
Stay Informed about Uruguay's Latest Electronic Invoicing System Updates by DGI.

Romania: RO e-Transport System for Freight Transportation

26/04/2024 (updated)
Romania RO e-Transport System
Starting on July 1st, 2024, the obligation of RO e-Transport for all international transports will be mandated

Poland: Mandatory B2B Electronic Invoicing as of February 2026

26/04/2024 (updated)
Poland B2B Electronic Invoicing
The Polish government has confirmed the timeline for KSeF e-Invoicing as of Februrary 2026 for large taxpayers

B2B e-Invoicing in the United Arab Emirates (UAE): Peppol DCTCE scheduled for 2026

25/04/2024 (updated)
Electronic invoicing in the United Arab Emirates
The government of the United Arab Emirates is preparing for the widespread introduction of B2B e-invoicing by 2026

Singapore: InvoiceNow Project for Electronic Invoicing via Peppol

24/04/2024 (updated)
Singapore e-invoicing
The Inland Revenue Authority of Singapore has published a timeline for the voluntary adoption of B2B electronic invoicing.