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EDICOM PDP for Electronic Invoicing in France

27/09/2023 (updated)
Edicom PDP Candidate
EDICOM will become a PDP (Partenaire Dematerialisation Platform) to offer Electronic Invoicing services in France.

Romania: B2B electronic invoicing mandatory as of January 2024

27/09/2023 (updated)
e-Invoicing Romania
The presentation of electronic invoices through the RO e-Invoice system becomes mandatory on January 1, 2024

Belgium Expands the B2G Electronic Invoice to All Its Suppliers

26/09/2023 (updated)
Belgium B2G electronic invoice
Belgium approved a draft royal decree to implement the electronic invoice for all the public administrations

Belgium Will Make The B2B Electronic Invoice Mandatory

07/09/2023 (updated)
Belgium B2B electronic invoice
The proposed measures to implement electronic invoicing in Belgium have been postponed, due to the lack of agreement

How the Online Electronic Invoice System works - FEL de Guatemala

07/09/2023 (updated)
factura electronica fel guatemala
We explain all the details about the new electronic invoicing system, FEL

Poland: B2B Electronic Invoicing Mandatory Through the KSeF Platform

06/09/2023 (updated)
Poland B2B Electronic Invoicing
e-Invoicing via the KSeF National System started on a voluntary basis in January 2022 and on a mandatory basis from 2024

How electronic invoicing works in Costa Rica

05/09/2023 (updated)
factura electronica costa rica
We explain all the details for issuing and receiving electronic invoices and other electronic documents in Costa Rica.

How does e-Invoicing in Bolivia work?

01/09/2023 (updated)
bolivia e-Invoicing
The Bolivian tax authority SIN has published the first group of companies that must comply with the invoicing system.

Saudi Arabia Makes Electronic Invoicing Mandatory: FATOORAH Project

30/08/2023 (updated)
Saudi Arabia Electronic Invoicing
The EDICOM e-Invoicing solution for the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia is ready for the integration phase with the ZATCA system

Israel introduces B2B e-Invoicing as of 2024: CTC clearance model

24/08/2023 (updated)
Israel introduces its electronic invoice clearance model
Phased introduction of the electronic invoice determined by the value of the invoices, starting on January 1st, 2024