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Webinar: Peppol eInvoicing in Australia and beyond

Peppol eInvoicing

The Australian Government has announced the eInvoicing Week 2022 from 15th to 21st of August 2022. It is a week of economy-wide multi-media communication activities and events run with business, software providers, industry or professional associations and their networks. 

The activities and events are designed to raise business awareness about eInvoicing, its benefits to business and share success stories.

To this end, EDICOM will be hosting a webinar together with Mark Stockwell, Senior Director of eInvoicing at the ATO. The webinar will take place on the 17th of August from 16:30 to 17:30 AEST.

As an Access Point acccredited by the ATO, we will be talking about how relevant it is to keep up with the new B2G and B2B requirements and to understand why it is important to work with an accredited Access Point. By receiving these accreditation EDICOM solidifies its position as a global leader in electronic invoicing by offering its SaaS services in over 70 countries.

Take a look at the agenda

  1. Introduction and presentation of speakers.
  2. What is Peppol eInvoicing? Peppol infrastructure: 4-corner model, eInvoicing in Australia: B2G and B2B (BER) status & eInvoicing in Australia and beyond.
  3. Best practices: what are the main challenges for large businesses? In this part of the webinar we will discuss some common challenges large businesses face when moving to eInvoicing and highlight some best practices to help overcome them.
  4. Q&A session

What you need to know about Peppol

Peppol was initially created to facilitate cross-border public contracting between EU countries. Due to its interoperability and practicality, as well as its communications infrastructure, it has been expanding on a global level. 

The Peppol system enables the delivery and receipt of invoices, credit notes, orders, order responses, catalogues, etc. using the Peppol standard. Businesses and public administrations can securely communicate their data through certified Access points in each country.

eInvoicing in Australia

The Australian Government (Department of Treasury) recently took initiative with the Business eInvoicing Right (BER) to push for the adoption of Business-to-Business (B2B) eInvoicing in Australia. Following this consultation, the Government has invested a further $15.3 million to enhance the value of e-Invoicing for businesses and increase business awareness and adoption. 

The funding will support the Treasury and the Australian Peppol Authority to:

•    Work with payment providers to integrate e-Invoicing into the main payment methods used by business

•    Deliver educational activities to raise business awareness of e-Invoicing

•    Progress supply chain pilots with large businesses to gain insights and drive adoption across supply chains

•    Continue work with states and territories to increase public sector e-Invoicing adoption.

Regarding B2G eInvoicing, the Australian government has launched an initiative for the adoption of e-Invoicing in the public sector. From July 1st, 2022, the use of e-Invoicing will be mandatory for all Commonwealth Agencies following the Peppol standard.

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