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Paraguay Begins a Pilot Program for the New Ekuatia’I Electronic Invoicing System

Ekuatia’I Electronic Invoicing System paraguay

Paraguay has approved the begining of a pilot program that will test the functionality of the new Fiscal document issuance system called the E-KUATIA. The Paraguayan tax authority (SET) will select the taxpayers who must participate and implement during the pilot program.

EKUATIA´I is a tool made available to taxpayers to implement a gradual and sustainable adoption of the integrated electronic invoicing system (SIFEN) which will facilitate the issuance and delivery of electronic fiscal documents.

EKUATIA´I will be available online on the SET website and on the e-Kuatia web portal. You will be able to issue the following electronic fiscal documents through EKUATIA’I :

Electronic Sales Reciepts (CVE)

  • Electronic Invoice (FE).
  • Self-billing invoice (AFE).
  • Electronic sales ticket (BVE).
  • Simple electronic sales ticket (BRE).

Complimentary Electronic Documents (DCE)

  • Electronic credit note (NCE).
  • Electronic debit note (NDE).

Bill of Lading (NRE)

Pre-requisites to operate in the EKUATIA´I system

To issue electronic tax documents the taxpayer must comply with the following requisites:

  • Must have a Digital certificate issued by an authorized certification authority.
  • Request registration as an electronic invoice issuer through the Marangatu system with your confidential user code, which will only work if you are fully compliant with your taxpayer obligations. Your RUC must also be active.

Benefits of the EKUATIA’I system

Through the EKUATIA’I system it will no longer be necessary to print documents for physical archiving. The SET will digitally store all the information in electronic tax documents.

The EKUATIA’I system will be available 14 hours a day 7 days a week.

The issuance of electronic tax documents will contribute to the transparency and traceability of economic operations and will allow for better tax management by the tax authority and taxpayers. 

New electronic invoice issuers enabled

The electronic invoice in Paraguay is consolidated through the “Integrated National Invoicing System” (SIFEN) managed by the SET. The mass adoption process is currently in its “Voluntary Adoption Phase”, which began in August 2019. Recently through general resolution number 74 the payroll limit of invoice issuers has been increased for this phase.

Electronic invoicing solutions adapted to your needs

EDICOM is an international e-invoice solution provider. It offers global data integration solutions which includes a unique electronic invoicing solution that adapts to local technical and legal specifications in every country where our clients operate.

Among the advantages that this platform offers, scalability stands out and allows for the implementation of new tools based on the company’s expansion. Whether you are expanding in terms of volume or locations EDICOM’s global capacity will accompany you.

An important characteristic of EDICOM’s e-invoicing system is its capacity to accompany taxpaying companies during the transition to a new electronic invoicing system. A perfect example of this is the current adoption of the system in Paraguay. The solution adapts to new scenarios which challenge companies including those imposed y the relevant national tax authority.

It is important to consider that electronic invoicing systems are constantly evolving. Each novelty or improvement is implemented by EDICOM, minimizing the impact in client’s ERP system.

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