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Electronic Invoices Must Contain a Digital Signature in Portugal

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Portugal continues to advance the digitalization of electronic invoices in the B2B sphere. Although it is not mandatory, it is important to mention that all electronic invoices will have to be digitally signed. 

According to Directive 2014/55/UE, all public administrations in Europe must be able to receive electronic invoices as of April 2019. 

Although the directive does not imply the mandatory use for suppliers of public administrations, it is a significant opportunity to advance the digitalization of businesses and implement the electronic invoice. 

For these and many other reasons the Portuguese government has decided to regulate the exchange of electronic invoices between private companies by mandating the use of digital signature to be deemed valid. 

All companies that choose to invoice electronically must use a system that proves the validity of the document before next January 22. 

What are the requirements to issue electronic invoices? 

Article 12 of the Lei n.º 28/2019 states that invoices and other tax and accounting documents can be issued electronically when accorded with a partners.

On the other hand, the authenticity of origin and the integrity of the content can only be guaranteed using one of the following procedures:

  • Include a qualified digital signature according to legal standards. 
  • Include a qualified digital seal which complies with (EU) nº 910/2014.
  • Use an EDI solution approved by recommendation EC/820/1994 19 October.

In conclusion, this article states that companies that e-invoice must use a digital signature or a qualified digital seal. 

EDICOM as a Qualified Trust Services Provider 

According to Regulation EU 910/2014, known as eIDAS, EDICOM can operate as a qualified trust services provider in any EU country. 

EDICOM has the certifications and Technology to: 

  • Create, verify, and validate digital signatures, digital seals, electronic time stamps, certified delivery services and any other certificates related to those. 
  • Create, verify, and validate certificates for the authentication of websites. 
  • Preserve digital signatures, seals or certificates related to these services. 

Document delivery to any trading partner without an EDI solution

EDICOM helps companies optimize their electronic document delivery, like electronic invoices in PDF format. 

EDICOM’s Business@Mail service enables the delivery of any electronic document to 100% of your trading partners, even if they have no EDI capabilities. 

Business@Mail’s functionality is quite simple as it integrates with your company’s management system and is configured to automatically deliver all your documents. 

This system has many benefits for any company that issues business documents:

  • Optimization of administrative tasks: By automating repetitive tasks and eliminating the use of printers generating savings in paper, ink, and maintenance. 
  • Efficient delivery: immediate and secure. Arrives in seconds through secure and confidential channels. 
  • Complete delivery traceability: all actions are recorded (delivery, reception, visualization), enabling visibility into your partner’s actions on delivered documents. 
  • Can integrate with any management system: without any changes to the company’s typical operations. 
  • User friendly: It is as easy as sending a document to your partner’s email. 

This automated system gives you more guarantees, speed, and control than conventional e-mail delivery. It also results in significant resource savings, since you will no longer have to issue and process invoices, purchase orders, or any other transactions through analogue methods. 

It is important to highlight that those recipients also benefit from this system, since it is completely free for them and they have access to a portal where they can securely access and store all received documents, regardless of the management system they use. 

Finally, Business@Mail’s intuitive interface provides an optimal experience for users. Issuers and recipients can both previsualize, download documents, and conduct personalized searches quickly and easily.


EDICOM coordinates GOVEIN2019 project (Action No: 2019-EU-IA-0046)


*The contents of this publication belong solely to EDICOM GROUP and do not necessarily reflect the opinion of the European Union.

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