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EDICOM will be present at the HCSA Annual Conference and Exhibition 2018

HCSA Annual Conference and Exhibition 2018

EDICOM sponsors the annual conference on e-Procurement which this year focuses on NHS Procurement – Shaping the Future. HCSA 2018 Annual Conference and Exhibition will provide delegates with an ideal opportunity to:

  1. Hear from a broad range of experts on how NHS procurement will meet challenges and seize opportunities.
  2. Hear from procurement partners about the challenges they face and how working more collaboratively can leverage better outcomes.
  3. Network with a highly influential audience drawn from health care procurement, commissioning support and suppliers.

You can find us at booth 38 presenting our fully compliant NHS integrated solutions. Our goal is to provide helpful and automated solutions to NHS actors, both trusts and suppliers.

EDICOM provides GDSN and PEPPOL compliance from one single provider

EDICOM is an accredited PEPPOL Access Point and offers a certified GS1 electronic catalogue. With these two certifications, any NHS supplier will achieve compliance with the e-Procurement Strategy. This means it is possible to centralize everything in compliance with the DH on a single platform, enhancing efficiency and cutting economic costs.

The accreditation as an Access Point allows EDICOM to connect with the PEPPOL e-procurement platform. Through it, private companies and governments in countries all over Europe can exchange all kinds of e-documents: invoices, purchase orders, orders, price catalogues, etc.

The GS1 certified Data Pool allows these suppliers to maintain an updated product database accessible to any other NHS user, so that information is always correct and available. The success of a data synchronization system within the GDSN network is based on the quality of the information shared between the trading partners.

But the development of the NHS e-Procurement Strategy continues apace. Recently, the NHS published a user’s guide on how to implement a new electronic document to the workflow: the DESADV or Dispatch Advice. However, the implementation of this message within the NHS is voluntary, it has not been introduced as mandatory.

An interoperable and scalable solution

  • Interoperability is a must: Our interoperable and transparent solution sets you up in a globally competitive ecosystem.
  • A long-term electronic solution: We provide a global, flexible and scalable solution to reach other regions and projects worldwide now and in the future.
  • Full ERP integration with our e-Procurement Platform: Our international Public Administrations HUB guarantees connectivity with any agency. This thorough solution is able to extract information transparently, without making internal changes to regular work procedures, and forward it in the format and conditions required.


HOSP&INVOICE project (Action No: 2017-EU-IA-0146)

EDICOM coordinates HOSP&INVOICE project (Action No: 2017-EU-IA-0146).

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EDICOM PDP candidate for Electronic Invoicing in France

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The Peppol 4-corner model and the 5-corner Peppol CTC

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