Electronic Invoicing

EDICOM Participates in the Promotion of Electronic Invoicing in Belgium

Electronic Invoicing in Belgium

EDICOM is collaborating with the Flemish government and the network of businesses, Vlaams netwerk van ondernemingen (VOKA), to encourage the use of electronic invoices by private companies in Flanders.

To do so, the government and VOKA are organizing a series of workshops about electronic invoicing by the largest Flemish provinces in collaboration with expert partners.

At these meetings, attendees will learn how to implement the complete flow of electronic invoicing in their business. Additionally, they will be able to send and receive invoices and electronic orders with 100% of their trading partners.

The first workshop took place on 16 June in the ‘Oost-Vlaanderen province. It was hosted online due to the current health crisis. The following workshops are expected to take place in person after the summer, their dates pending confirmation.

EDICOM is one of the four companies invited to participate in the workshops to share their ample experience in the Belgian healthcare sector.

EDICOM is one of the leaders in the Belgian healthcare sector, working with approximately 15 hospitals and 20 suppliers. Additionally, EDICOM is coordinating various projects financed by the European agency INEA through the Europe Facility Programme in Telecom (CEF Telecom), such as GOVEIN19. Through these projects, EDICOM helps hospitals exchange electronic invoices with their suppliers in accordance with the European standards. This work is done not only in Belgian hospitals, but also in those of Hungary and Italy.

Electronic invoicing in Flanders

Flanders is the most advanced region in Belgium in terms of electronic invoicing. It was the first to transpose the European Directive 2014/55, concerning electronic invoicing in public procurement, at the regional level. All public administrations and their suppliers have been required to invoice electronically since 2017. This makes B2G e-invoicing mandatory in Flanders. The recent workshops are meant to expand e-invoicing to private companies, taking advantage of the existing infrastructure.

The Belgian e-invoicing system follows PEPPOL standards. The federal government uses the MERCURIUS platform, also connected to PEPPOL, for invoice reception and order issuance.


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