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EDICOM will participate at FORUM 2019 organized by GS1 Belgium & Luxembourg

GS1 Belgium & Luxembourg

EDICOM will be sponsoring GS1 Belgium & Luxembourg annual event FORUM 2019 at booth 10. This year’s conference will focus on analyzing the challenges that companies will have to face regarding digitalisation and communciation standardization. These challenges are mostly related to efficiency within the supply chain and the usage of electronic data interchange. Speakers will talk about the GDSN network and its benefits in terms of data synchronization. New trends and innovations in the supply chain will also have a place in the discussion, as there are many upcoming changes to follow.

Attendees will also learn about the Digital Agenda in the European Union, which will be clearly defined by the entry into force of Directive 2017/55/EU and the obligation of every European Public Administration of being able to accept electronic invoices as of April 18, 2019.

A Global Data Synchronization Solution for supply chain efficiency

At our booth F, our experts will be presenting our GDSN certified Data Pool and also our Global EDI and e-Invoicing solutions, which will optimize and bring efficiency to your company’s workflows. With more than 20 years’ experience in the EDI industry and more than 15.000 clients worldwide, our solutions can be adapted to any customer and needs they may have.

First, strongly connected to achieving efficiency in the supply chain, we will showcase our GS1 certified electronic catalog, EDICOMData. EDICOMData Customized Solution lets you roll out personalized data synchronization projects for subscribers and publishers. This way, it is possible to integrate any key information for the trading relations between vendors and distributors that might not be considered in models such as the GDSN network.

The success of a data synchronization system is based on the quality of the information shared between the trading partners. To this end, we provide an integral service to outsource the uploading and maintenance of your product data.

e-Invoicing solution for suppliers and Public Administrations

November is the start-up date for e-Invoicing in the EU. Most countries have already implemented their own e-Invoicing platforms following the EU Directive 2014/55/EU. Accreditation as a PEPPOL Access Point enables EDICOM to link up with the PEPPOL platform, through which private companies and governments in Europe can exchange e-Documents of any kind.

To help public entities with the obligation, EDICOM leads the Govein initiative, an EU-funded project for implementation of electronic invoice within the Public Health area. Two projects have been already launched with more than 40 participants profiting from this funding. We have developed a multi-standard solution, which integrates with corporate ERPs and follows the specifications of the new European regulation and the PEPPOL standard for exchanging messages with public administrations.

After having this solution implemented, it will be much easier and faster for these public administrations to extend the use of the EDI solution to not just receiving invoices, but also to send orders and receive other commercial documents exchanged with suppliers. All this, with the goal of making communications between businesses more efficient, immediate and secure.

In EU countries such as France or the UK, EDICOM already has projects up and running in the health sector, connecting the main players in this industry. In France, EDICOM proposes a quick and effective fix that consists of implementing an EDI solution with a direct link to the Chorus Pro Portal (Public sector e-invoicing concentrator). Certificates held, such as ISO 20000 or ISAE 3402, are our technological guarantee of quality in our solution processes.

In the UK, following the specifications set by the NHS, EDICOM is an accredited PEPPOL Access Point whereby public hospitals can connect with their suppliers. The e-Procurement initiative rolled out by the National Health Service (NHS) has placed the British healthcare system at the technological cutting-edge. With the e-Procurement Strategy, all transactions, purchasing processes, product traceability and communications will become electronic.

At EDICOM, we are focused on bringing excellency to our processes to make the companies’ relations flow more smoothly worldwide. This means, developing cutting edge solutions which solve technological challenges between companies in a globalized world.

From B2G to B2B

The main consequence of implementing B2G e-Invoicing is digital transformation, both in businesses and the public sector. As the rollout of e-Invoicing in the B2G area expands, it could foreseeably lead to the spread of B2B e-Invoicing and a complete digital transformation.

In addition to the public savings arising from implementation of Directive 2014/55/EU, the use of an electronic solution in the B2B scope favours the internal processes of companies and brings them great operational advantages. For example, manual data input is automated throughout the entire e-Procurement process. Businesses will also benefit from improvements in profitability and productivity, as electronic data interchange ensures optimal traceability, which positively influences payment terms.

Companies that already have an e-Invoicing solution are just one step away from being able to leverage this investment and technology to expand their e-Invoicing project to all their trading partners. These companies, having already overcome the technological barrier, can easily extend the system to the rest of their commercial exchanges. Larger companies play a crucial role in extending the use of B2G to B2B, leading to the global dematerialization of business communications.


HOSP&INVOICE project (Action No: 2017-EU-IA-0146)

EDICOM coordinates HOSP&INVOICE project (Action No: 2017-EU-IA-0146).

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