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EDI Academy - What should I take into account when choosing my EDI provider?

EDI Academy - What should I take into account when choosing my EDI provider? 18/04/2017

In this issue of EDI Academy, we explain what aspects you should consider when hiring an EDI and e-invoicing provider

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EDI ACADEMY – Integrating EDI with the ERP

EDI ACADEMY – Integrating EDI with the ERP 21/03/2017

In this issue of EDI Academy, we discuss integration of electronic data interchange with the ERP, which allows companies to keep their internal working procedures and increase efficiency

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EDI Academy – Despatch Advice

EDI Academy – Despatch Advice 02/01/2017

We dedicate this new instalment of EDI Academy to the despatch advice message, designated 856 ASN in standard language X12 and one of the most important in business transactions

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EDI Academy – Web EDI

EDI Academy – Web EDI 16/09/2016

In this latest edition of EDI Academy, we explain what Web EDI is and how small or medium-sized businesses exchanging small document volumes can benefit from it

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EDI Academy - How does EDI technology work?

EDI Academy - How does EDI technology work? 01/09/2016

In this issue of EDI Academy, we explain the usual steps taken in an EDI transmission flow, from the moment the issuer creates a document until the EDI transaction reaches the recipient partner

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EDI Academy – the OFTP protocol

EDI Academy – the OFTP protocol 10/08/2016

In this instalment of EDI Academy, we discuss OFTP, the communications protocol most widely used in Europe and much of the rest of the planet in the automotive industry since the 80s

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EDI Academy – Global interoperability

EDI Academy – Global interoperability 20/07/2016

In the age of globalization, technological interoperability is an obligation for companies, who must be able to connect with any partner, regardless of their location, activity sector or the features of their internal management system

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EDI ACADEMY – Value Added Networks (VANs)

EDI ACADEMY – Value Added Networks (VANs) 13/06/2016

In this 10th instalment of the series we discuss value-added networks, still the most widely used communication system in EDI relations today

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EDI Academy – AS2 connections

EDI Academy – AS2 connections 02/05/2016

The AS2 Internet communication standard is one of the most widely used by businesses for its security conditions. We give you all the details on it.

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EDI Academy – Communication systems

EDI Academy – Communication systems 11/04/2016

In this instalment of the series, we discuss the most widely-used communication protocols, one of the key points in any EDI relationship

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