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Edicom updates its proprietary Ediwin XML-EDI Server software


Edicom has released version 6.0 of its proprietary Ediwin XML-EDI Server software, replacing the previous version 5.0.

EdiwinXML/EDI Server- 6.0 has already been integrated into EDICOM's technology infrastructure through which it provides ASP-SaaS driven electronic data transfer and e-invoicing services.

EDICOM’s ASP-SaaS-driven EDI solutions are both transparent and easy to use. They save users the expense of purchasing costly in-house software or hardware. All the resources needed, such as electronic data interchange software, are housed on EDICOM's technology platform.

This means that all EDICOM clients with access to ASP-driven EDI solutions (i.e., housed in EDICOM’s private and secure facilities) already enjoy the advantages of the updated software. Software updates are one of the commitments included in EDICOM's Service Level Agreement entered into with its clients.

Our users now have access to a new, more robust solution, with added features:

  • Software developed entirely in JAVA to support different operating systems such as LINUX/WINDOWS with 100% stability.
  • Greatly increased performance and productivity for large- volume transactions.
  • Improved stability and robustness thanks to a 100% data base-supported message structure.
  • Streamlined and improved integration and mapping processes with users’ ERP system.
  • Updated electronic invoicing processes which incorporate new international signature systems.
  • More data input forms to choose from, with greater flexibility.
  • More ways to customise your online user environment.

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